Learn Reiki

How would you like to be able to heal yourself?

What if you could lay your hands on your body and heal your body from all diseases and emotional pain?

Well, you can. And here’s how to do it. I have created a completely free video course on learning Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters. You can learn in your own time with my free and entertaining videos.

Learn about Reiki here:

Reiki 1 Free Video Course

Reiki 2 Free Video Course

Reiki Masters Free Video Course

All the information is given to you freely and humbly. I hope you can use it to change your life. If you would like to become a Reiki Practioner, you need to receive a Reiki Attunement. It is all done over a video call and I will initiate you and give you guidance whenever you should need it.

My prices for each attunement are whatever your heart tells you. If your heart tells you to give me $1, then do that. If it tells you to give more, I would love that as well. This is making Reiki and energy healing accessible to everyone no matter if you are rich or poor. You all have the opportunity to heal.

Book your attunement after watching the videos here: