I recently had the pleasure of staying in Maleny on Saturday night while attending a workshop up there. I can’t say there’s much better than waking up to a stunning view like this in the morning.

5 Months ago, I was an engineering student with an addiction to smoking pot every day. If anyone has been through an addiction, you realise that you use this substance as a coping mechanism because you are truly unhappy with your life. The worse the substance, the more unhappy you are.

The past 5 months have taught me so much about not only myself but the Universe itself. I know, I know – it sounds cliché, but the puzzle pieces of our existence are coming together.

I first realised that everything is vibrating at a subatomic level – hence everything is made up of energy for this to happen. (Movement takes energy Work (Energy) = Force * Distance)

Universal Frequency

Second, we are entirely responsible for our lives. There is no external circumstance, it is all how we perceive the world. When we think a thought, the corresponding energy we have sent out into the universe of energy will come back to us. (Think positively and you’ll have everything you want)

The Law of Attraction

Thirdly, the universe is made up of Love. The energy surrounding us and guiding us through our daily lives is made up of love for everything. We are compassionate at our core, don’t listen to those who would tell you otherwise.

Love and Compassion

The final and probably most important thing that relates to this blog. Dreamscape.

“As the dreamscape around me grows clearer, I slip further away from it. The mind is a magical thing, I’m discovering. A dreamscape is made of thought and is wider than the sky, able to grow large enough to fit not just our own world, but every possibility and impossibility beyond it. Once I quit thinking of it as being forced into the laws of physics, it’s easy to manipulate the dreamscape into anything I want. I don’t know how I know all this, no more than I understand how I know things when I dream. I just do.

I throw up my hand, and a wall rises between the orange grove and me. Behind the wall, I start creating the world I need in Representative Belles’s mind.” 

― Beth RevisThe Body Electric


The world that we live in is not the primary world. Let me tell you what workshop I attended, It was about Astral Travel. For those that don’t know, we are not this physical body but are made up of energy. This body we are in is simply a vessel in which we are exploring the physical plane in.

Numerous sources claim to have the ability to leave their body and experience instantaneous travel to the other side of the planet, different planets and different dimensions of existence. They can travel in time both forward and back because time is not linear. None of it is physical. Not your car, not your cat, not your bed. At a subatomic level (Smaller than an atom), everything is just energy.

I walk around this Earth with the knowledge now that anything is possible. I cannot die as my spirit, my divine self-lives on and has experienced many lives. I have had glimmers of some. This world we live in is simply a tool to grow our consciousness. To experience new things, to love, to give and to feel. The options we have are endless in this beautiful sandbox we live in. There are those in the world who would exploit this knowledge and keep it for themselves. So they can keep feeding their ego and cling to the false assumptions that their materialistic power means something.

There is such an amazing world waiting for you when you let go of what the world tells you is right and follow your heart. No one can tell you the answers that you seek. Some can give you a glimmer of the truth but it is up to you to find it. You’ll begin to realise that the answers to the big questions come from within. Talk to yourself, your guides, divine figures of intelligence. Whatever resonates with you!

Spirit Guides

 You are free to live your infinite lives however you like. The truth which your heart and higher self-knows are that this really is a dreamscape. It doesn’t matter. Our astral self-leaves our body every night, we simply do not remember. It’s not figuring out how to escape this world, it is figuring out how to remember it.

I’d like to share with you an exercise I learnt from the workshop. The guy’s name is Greg Doyle and I highly recommend checking out his website if you are interested in the notion of being able to go anywhere in the universe.


As you are sitting in a chair or lying down. Focus your intention on your Third Eye chakra (Middle of your brow), just simply focus there and set your intention to be “I want to astral travel and I want to consciously remember the experience”. Do this over and over again and the experience will happen. You may choose to return to your body at any time, it is completely safe. Your guides are with you the whole time.

Whenever you are ready, the experience is waiting for you.

Until next time



Spirit Guides

It’s interesting how you notice patterns about yourself. Not that they’re good or bad, just curious to see how you interact with the world. For example; before I write a blog post which I guess feel nervous or just different about, I will normally take a bit less than a week to really grasp the idea which I am trying to convey. The writing process for me is not only a form of expression and healing for me but also a way for me to put my understandings in words for myself to refer back to. Hopefully you receive some knowledge through the process as well.

The topic of spirit guides is a deep one which most people relate to. Through different cultures and religions there is almost always a “guardian angel” looking out for us. We sometimes feel them around us, we get nudges from them to do certain actions which are helpful to our life purpose or when we progress on our spiritual awakening, we begin to be able to communicate with them as you would to your significant other or parents.

Living in the 21st century has it’s pros and cons to the awakening soul. The negative is that we are surrounded by so many distractions from the news, social media, video games – the list goes on. The positive side of living in the 21st century is that we have a vast resource of spiritual knowledge from all around the globe at our finger tips. That is pretty cool.

A simple google search about a topic such as meditation will give us hundreds of thousands of results on how we can begin meditating. One of the most incredible resources we have would have to be YouTube. Not only can be hear people discussing the ideas and philosophies we might be resonating with at one time, but we have an incredible library of vibratory music which we can use to heal ourselves.

I think I need to start with a basic definition of what a spirit guide is so we are all on the same page to begin with. A spirit guide is a non-physical entity which helps us throughout our physical incarnation. Our spirit guides give us wisdom when we ask for it and help when we require it.

We have many spirit guides, some stay with us through only a portion of our lives while others remain with us the whole time. They can have incarnated just like ourselves and have finished their time on Earth and now are responsible for helping others through the same process which they have just experienced or they might not have been in a physical body at all.

It just depends.

I want to say that our spirit guides love us for our true selves. They know us and have been with us since our birth. They only want to help us grow and heal so we can experience the love all around us.

Through the use of Hemi-Sync technology (Vibratory patterns which align the left and right hemispheres of the brain) , I am in clear contact with all my spirit guides quite often. I can go into a deep meditative state and actively communicate and perceive all my guides. I ask for wisdom when I am struggling with a challenge in my life or answers or additional information which I might not fully comprehend. I have included an audio recording which I use to communicate with my guides often.


When we start our awakening process, we begin to realise that the answers to life from the outside world don’t resonate with us anymore. Religious doctrine and conventional ways of thinking go out the window. I promise you you’re not crazy. We all experience it.

When this happens, begin to first look inward for the answers you seek. Use guided meditations on YouTube to go into deep states of meditation and communicate with your spirit guides. No one outside of you can tell you what is the right thing to believe in. You will know, inside your heart what resonates with you.

Once you have had the full experience of knowing that your spirit guides are with you 100% of the time, the feeling is awesome. You realise that everything has a purpose and everything is happening exactly how it should. We take a step back from the bullshit we involved ourselves with and realise, this isn’t us and we simply let it go.

Just keep doing a little bit every day, ask for help when you need it and the way will be provided. Trust in the universe around you and have fun with it. Life isn’t meant to be all serious and glum. We’re only on this Earth for a fraction of our existence as universal souls. We are all here just learning lessons.

Till next time



Karma is a concept new to the Western World and its definition is not easily defined due to the nature of certain beliefs and philosophies. Karma from a basic understanding is the representation of cause and effect in our physical world.

If we do something bad to others, bad things will happen to us. Alternatively, if we do good things to others, we will get even more than we put in due to the loving nature of the universe. If we are to observe our lives, we can see this process of cause and effect happening wherever we go.

Great. Case closed right?

Well, not so much. A lot of people tend to view Karma in terms of past lives. A ‘past life’ is a previous version of ourselves which we lived before this earth. In actuality, when we are much larger than this singular incarnation of ourselves. When we realise this, we can know that our past lives really aren’t in the past. Our ‘past lives’ are actually probable realities which we are resonating with at this time.

A concept in physics which is gaining popularity is that there is an infinite number of parallel universes which can be exactly the same as our own or completely different. A popular TV show Rick and Morty is based on this premise.

The way to look at Karma is not to say – “oh I did this in a past life, therefore this is happening to me” but rather look at ourselves in this moment and figure out the patterns which cause us the issues in our lives. When we can see the patterns of “I’m doing this and this causes this” and we realise this is an undesirable outcome, we can change our patterns.

When we do this, we cause a shift in our reality and our ‘past lives’ , which are really just a different parallel universes happening concurrently with our own, begin to change as well to resonate with the choices you make.

The important step to develop ourselves doesn’t come from finding out our past lives and finding a reason about why things are happening. It comes from analysing ourselves and how we do things to come up with the pattern to fix or cause positive change in our lives. When we do this, we can attract using The Law of Attraction, anything we desire. Don’t blame. Forgive yourself when you realise. No one is perfect and we are in our current physical incarnation to learn certain lessons in life.

We are the creator of our own reality. Anything we do causes a reaction. We know this to be true due to Newton’s Third Law. ‘For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction”. So do a positive thing and you will get a positive thing back. Live a positive life, and you will create happiness.

Till next time


The Matrix

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

In my last year in high school, in religious education class, we studied the movie The Matrix. Funny right – a sci fi movie with lots of killing and fighting and we studied it in Religious Education. I can’t say they were completely accurate on their representation of what the movie meant, but it certainly was an indepth look and I thank them for that.

The Matrix, for those who haven’t seen it, is a movie about a program hacker who discovers that the world is just a simulation. He gets unplugged from the system keeping humanity as slaves to their machine overlords and finds out that he is the “one” who is the last hope of humanity.


This is a spiritual website Dylan so why are you bringing this up then? Well I’ll share it with you. The Matrix is an accurate description of our real life. Yes, I said it. We are currently in our own Matrix.


You must think I’m insane but let me explain.


Our physical reality is just an experience our soul is having to grow. I am borrowing many terms out of Robert Monroe’s books. Robert Monroe is responsible for investigating Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs) and presenting them to the Western world. He is responsible for helping many achieve and wake up their greater existence and I truly am grateful for his work for helping me understand our greater universe. I have written more about OOBEs here : https://frequencyoftheuniverse.com/2017/11/04/out-of-body-experiences/

To put it in terms of the movie. The Matrix is our current physical reality, the ‘real world’ is the bounds of space time we can experience and travel through freely when we can separate our soul from our physical body – which is what happens when we have an OOBE.

We all have OOBEs every night. Whenever we dream, we are having an OOBE. The unconscious dream state is another time where our soul is learning in what is called the Human Compressed Learning System (HCLS). The HCLS is the way our soul can grow in levels of consciousness. It grows by experiencing emotion and working through to solve any issues as they arise.

All the earth is, is a place of condensed learning taking place of multiple lifetimes. This is why reincarnation happens – this is due to the fact that we cannot solve all our issues when we begin the cycle in one lifetime. Therefore we get sucked into the system until we learn enough to graduate.

The easiest way to describe the process from something that is understood in our physical reality is orbital mechanics.

Orbital Mechanics 101.PNG

When a spacecraft has to get to a stable orbit around Earth, it needs to accelerate to a certain speed to not fall back to Earth. Once it has achieved this speed – it is now in a stable orbit and will not fall back to Earth unless it decides to by slowing down. For the spacecraft to escape Earth’s gravity, it needs to accelerate more until it is no longer in orbit.

The exact same process is followed with our souls. For us to complete our learning experience – we need to achieve escape velocity to complete our learning.

To achieve escape velocity, we need to learn certain things on this Earth such a love,compassion, understanding – morals that most religions teach. Just not understanding the purpose. 

The purpose of life is not to get to Heaven – although every religions afterlife exists as it has been thought of by someone, it is not real. It is still part of the HCLS and you will have to reincarnate to learn more to eventually achieve escape velocity and return to your true self with all your memories.

If this is true – why cannot I not remember? Having memories of your past lives and your experiences in the metaphysical world would not allow you to learn from this experience as you would know it wasn’t real or the ‘final’ version of reality. Instead, we have our mind blanked so we can take advantage of the experience to the fullest.

Once we realise this, life becomes a game. A game to learn and beat because honestly, it isn’t real and there is nothing to worry about. There is no point is wasting time because you’ll just come back to pick up where you left off in your journey. So don’t be fearful, because you simply have nothing to lose.

We all chose to be here on Earth, lets grow.

Till next time


What is God?

I was raised in an Anglican school. I was never forced to go to church as a child but in school we were required to attend chapel services as part of the school curriculum. I started at the school in grade 6 and for a few years, I believed what was being told to me.

Funnily enough, it was in the schools religious education classes when I called bullshit on the lot of it. My main problem with Christianity was the aspect of free will. In the bible it says, God is all knowing and all powerful so according to that – God created all of us and knew exactly the choices we were going to make. That didn’t sound like free will to me.

I went atheist for a while but it didn’t really work out for me as I knew there was something more but I wasn’t happy with Christianity’s view on the situation. This led me to Satanism. Before you go ‘ah he worshiped the devil” blah blah blah chill for a second and don’t believe everything you’re told. Satanism is actually quite civil and teaches you to respect others and not force your views onto others which is more than I can say for some Christians. Satanism put me on the path to spirituality as I could communicate with non physical entities and ask them for things to happen in my life which did.

So where am I currently then and what is the answer to the above question? What is God? Well this is my understanding of God:

God cannot be described as one entity. God is everything, God is in you as God is in a leaf outside. We are all connected together by this universe force which binds the universe and its dimensions together. We all came from the exact same source whether we are from Australia, Africa, The USA or even other planets, God is what binds us all together.

We are not our physical bodies either. Our current physical bodies can be described like the movie Avatar. For those of you who haven’t seen it – Human beings are visiting another planet and they create bodies like the natives who they can transfer their consciousness into.

This is simply what we do when we incarnate on earth. We are in a Matrix of this physical reality. We are all energy beings or spirits who can travel anywhere in the universe at will but we have chosen to inhabit a human body so we can develop our consciousness. We develop our consciousness by experiencing life through emotions. With this greater emotional understanding, we can leave Earth and go into the different realms of the Universe when we are ready.

Sound a bit crazy? I hear you. But we’re not left alone on Earth. We have guides which help us through times in our life. We can talk to these guides very easily especially due to the accessibility of the internet and the 21st Century. Our guides help us along our path and help us to figure out the answers which we need most. An easy way, which I guarantee if you approach with a willing attitude will allow you to receive answers to the questions you currently ponder can be gained by listening to a 30 minute meditation provided below.

What this meditation does is aligns the left and right hemispheres of your brain to allow you to perceive far beyond the 5 physical senses. More than the 5 physical senses? How is that possible?

You do it all the time. Whenever you have a ‘gut’ feeling about something or you just knew something was going to happen – that is an example of using more than your 5 physical senses. We do this all the time because we are simply inhabiting our current human body for an experience.

When you start to realise this, all your worries about the future or past begin to float away. They don’t matter, they are just there to help us learn a lesson. That’s the whole point of this human experience. Life is infinite, we don’t die, we only get released from this physical body to either choose another or move onto another plane of existence.

I thank you for reading and if you have any questions or are having a crisis about your individuality, get in contact with me on my Facebook page linked below and I’d be more than happy to give you a free video call.

Till next time beautiful spirits.


Life and Death

Many people seem to think they are getting judged from a higher power. They must do the ‘right thing’ in fear of what happens to them when they die. I think we in the western world mainly (at least from my perspective) are starting to wake up as the collective consciousness of the earth increases. The notion of a hellish afterlife comes from religions trying to scare you into following them. Some people seem to think well, I only get one chance at life and then I get eternal damnation if I didn’t please ‘god’.

What if you didn’t have that fear? What about if we are just in a never ending cycle on the road to enlightenment? I am talking about reincarnation.

The idea of reincarnation is so powerful simply because it removes the fear of death. Our higher self comes back and we live another life in a different body. The only reason for ‘life’ in our physical bodies is for our souls to learn lessons and to grow in their vibration. When our soul grows in its vibration, we begin experiencing higher planes of existence which the vast majority of people would call insanity.

We begin to perceive different dimensions which entities (angels, demons, spirit guides, etc) exist on. People begin to develop extraordinary abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and being able to leave their physical bodies. Anything that is exists without a physical body is simply on a different frequency plane that our own.

Our overall frequency can be defined by the Power vs Force graph created by Dr David R Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D and is shown below. David Hawkins has written many empowering books about raising your vibration and I would highly give his website a view if you are interested.


Map of Conscienceness 2

In each level, we perceive life differently from those vibrating at a different rate from ourselves. As we raise our vibration by eating healthy, taking responsibility for our actions, loving everyone, stopping judgement etc, we start to experience the universe as what it truly is. Beautiful.

Your reality is made according to how you think. When you think a positive thought and continue being grateful and happy throughout your day, you are inspired and everything just works. Alternatively, if you stub your toe in the morning and you keep thinking shitty thoughts, your day will fall to shit, you’ll be caught in a traffic jam, late for work, fail a project, etc.

All it takes when we start thinking a negative thought is to change how we view the situation. We cannot change our situation, but we can change how we view it. When we chose to act positively, we have made a conscious choice to create the world instead of reacting to whatever is thrown at us. I have written more about consciousness here: 


This wheel of reincarnation we are all on message is simple. You don’t have to do anything and you won’t be judged or condemned. When you take this knowledge onboard however, we are stuck repeating the same life circumstances until we learn the lesson which we chose to live or earth to learn.

We all chose our life circumstances and we have designed our lives the way we have chosen. Whether that is good or bad is a manner of your perspective. When you take this knowledge, we can use it to change our lives. Simply put, you keep coming back until we fix our shit.

Why not work on it now?


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