★★[REIKI 1] – The Human Aura

Our energy body is made up of 7 chakras which we talked about in the last video. In this video, we learn that there are layers of energy around our body commonly referred to as the aura. The aura has been photographed in science through the use of Kirlian Photography. Through metaphysical teachings, we understand and […]

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Energy Healing

Frequency In Engineering, we are taught that every inanimate object has what is called a natural frequency. This is the frequency at which the object vibrates at on a subatomic level all the time. We can hear this frequency sometimes when we apply a force to an object. E.g. Tapping a wine glass with a […]

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Spirit Guides

Sometimes we feel a presence watching over us. An individual that helps us throughout our lives that protects us from harm and guides us on our journey. What if we could talk to them?

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Are you in physical pain? Do you have pains in parts of your body which modern medicine cannot explain? Are you told it is genetics or some rare disease you have never heard of? Our bodies are not just physical, responding to the outside environment. We play the most important part in what our body […]

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The Metaphysical Causes of Disease

“The average age of living is going up, therefore everyone must be getting healthier.” – Modern Medicine’s viewpoint.  Australia’s life expectancy is 82.45 years according to Wikipedia for 2015. Where does this number come from? For it to be an average, half the population would have to die above 82.45 years of age while half […]

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