The Microcosmic Orbit

When I started my process of spiritual awakening a few things became clear to me

  1. I had a lot of shit to figure out
  2. Life was a lot cooler in terms of what was ahead for me

Something that I have dreamed of doing all my life is Astral Travel. From when I first heard about the topic, I knew it was incredibly important to my soul’s development. Many years of knowing about the ability but never really being able to pursue it until now.

So what is the difference between 2 years ago and now?


I know why people have certain metaphysical abilities, why people are happy for sad and how the world works.


Nikola Tesla — ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


The key to it all is vibration and here is why.

Before I began my spiritual awakening, I was a third-year engineering student living in Tasmania. In my last full semester, I did a subject on vibration and frequency. It would turn out to be the most important knowledge I ever learned as I could relate spirituality to science.


We were taught that every single inanimate object is vibrating at a level smaller than an atom. The key concept we needed to learn was that every object has a natural frequency. The best example I can give is a wine glass on a table. When you tap a wine glass with a spoon, what does it do? It vibrates.

This is called the natural frequency of an object which when you apply it to a human being, we also have our own natural frequency. As we are vibrating and physics says energy can neither be created nor destroyed – we are made up of energy or we couldn’t be vibrating. Eureka! We are energy beings.

So do some people view the world as negative and some as positive. It all comes down to our natural frequency. The higher our natural frequency, the happier we are. I talk about this in detail more here:

So if higher vibrational people are happier – how do we raise our vibration?

Certain lifestyle changes are necessary to begin living happier such as not judging others, loving one’s self for who we are, eating healthy, yoga, healing the list goes on. Refer to a table below to help.


Once we start doing those things and they become our lives, we want to raise our energy further. More advanced techniques are needed. I present The Microcosmic Orbit.

The Microcosmic Orbit method to increase vibration used within the world for thousands of years by many Eastern Cultures. It is a massive part of Taoist teachings and is really very useful. I have put in a short video for those who really want to dive into the specifics of it from a master.



To summarize the video, the microcosmic orbit is a way in which we breathe in energy around us and circulate it around our body as per the diagram below.


This allows us to activate many glands and our chakras throughout our beings and bring attention to particular emotional issues we might need to work on.

Just like meditation, when we commit to doing it on a daily basis, our world begins to change for the better. The Microcosmic Orbit will give you an incredible amount of energy when you do it every single day and allow you to live a healthy and happy life.

I have included a really good guided meditation for if you would like to try it for yourself. It will be life-changing.


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Universal Frequency

I just wanted to apologise for not posting as much as I should lately, things have been very hectic in my life so my writing has been more personal than blog related. Here’s to getting back on track.

For those unfamiliar with the topic. Frequency and vibration make up the whole universe. Everything “spiritual”, “good’ or ‘bad” is all represented by frequency. Think about music. When you listen to a sad song – you generally feel sad? Whereas the same is true if you listen to enough upbeat music.

So why is this?

Well, let us break down what a sound is in music. A sound is simply a frequency being played. Music is represented by the notes A, B, C, D, E, F, G – with all the intervals in between. When someone plays the note A – the same person on a different instrument can play the same note because they are playing the same frequency.


Now in terms of vibration, the more upbeat a song is – the higher the average frequency of that song would be. Let us imagine we took a frequency measurement of a song every half second for the entire song and then divided it by the total seconds. This would give us our average frequency of the song. The higher the average frequency of a song – the more positive emotions we feel.

To give you a range of emotions to visually represent frequency – I have included a chart below.

Map of Conscienceness 2

This chart not only shows emotions of particular frequencies (Represented by the log column) but also people’s natural frequency at which they operate.

In engineering, we are taught that every object has what is called a natural frequency. This is the frequency at which an inanimate object vibrates at constantly. Now if they teach us that in engineering at a subatomic level (smaller than atoms), subatomic particles are popping in and out of existence depending on when they are observed.

A famous experiment which you might remember if you did physics in school, is called The Double Slit Experiment. Basically, some scientists had a theory that Light which we see is a particle. And some thought it was a wave. The experiment shows that light is both proven to be a particle and a wave depending on how it is observed.


From my engineering school, I came to the conclusion that if any inanimate object is vibrating at a subatomic level it has to be made up of energy. This is because something can’t vibrate without an energy source to allow it to do so.

So if we apply this to the human body,  we are all made up of energy and are vibrating at the frequency of our thought patterns. Think of our bodies having a natural frequency. However, we are a little more complicated than an apple on a desk. Every thought and emotion we have can be graphed by our current scientists in terms of frequency. Numerous western scientific studies have been done on it. Read this article if you are curious:

Now using the knowledge of your own natural frequency, you can see where you sit on the chart of them. Life is experienced by the person. It all comes from our perception or our natural frequency outlook on life.

Now, when you start to vibrate at a higher level, you can also begin to perceive higher vibrational beings than us. The easiest ones to communicate with are our spirit guides. I have written an article about them and how to contact them here:

I view my whole life in terms of frequency. Whenever something ‘Bad” and I use quotations on good, bad and spiritual since they are what I perceive them to be. There is only frequency in the universe. I perceive lower frequencies (The bad things) and higher vibrational energies (The good things). We have the free will to create our natural frequency to be higher or lower on the scale. I choose to do actions which raise by vibration because I know this is all there is to the universe. It is just vibrational energies bouncing around in this sandbox called Earth.

The purpose of life is to raise our vibration and realise what we truly are. We are divine beings who chose to come to Earth to learn. To raise our natural vibration in a place of chaos. Through the chaos, we learn that everything is perfect in this and every moment. We let go of the things that our ego tells us we should worry about because fundamentally, they aren’t real. The more we worry, the more we attract negativity into our lives.

I can’t have any of that.

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Seeing Spirits

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a young girl who is seeing and hearing other worldly entities and as most kids would be, she was terrified by it. I don’t blame her.

In our society, we have this immense fear about what others think of us. We want to be loved and accepted for who were are without the fear of being thrown in a mental hospital because someone doesn’t agree with our point of view. I was inspired to write this post to give value to not only this girl, but to help others in similar situations who have or know of a child who experiences more than is accepted by our Western Society.

Our bodies are completely made up of energy due to everything in existence vibrating as I learned in my Engineering school. Since we are all vibrating and this vibration cannot exist without energy feeding it and energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed,  we are all divine beings of energy.

Our energy bodies are made up of Chakras which can be described as spinning disks of energy. Our chakras contain the energy of our emotions and feelings. We have 7 Chakras in total and this diagram describes their position, their colour and what emotions they correspond to.


When we have a block in our chakra, the energy doesn’t flow. We experience challenges in that part of our life until we clear the block. If we do not, the block will continue to develop until we develop diseases such as cancer. There is no probability of getting cancer, whenever we experience a pain or problem – it relates directly to how the energy is flowing through our chakras.


If you look at the image below – you can view each chakra as a pond in a stream. Each is linked to one another and the water is the energy. When one of the pools is blocked, the rest of the pools cannot get enough water to sustain their capacity. When we remove the block, the pools are full and pure.


Our body is the exact same as these pools, when we have one chakra blocked for example our Root Chakra, we can feel unsafe in our environment but also cause our Throat Chakra to not function at its fullest and healthiest capacity. We might not be able to express ourselves to how we feel, we might think the world is against us. We might have all of our chakras reduced in their energy flow by one block.

When we realise we are in a pattern which is undesirable. Relax and realise we are scared because of fear. Let go of the fear and realise the situation cannot hurt us. Then feel the emotion which was behind the fear and let yourself experience it. Once you have experienced the emotion, you can figure out the memory which caused the block to happen in the first place. Once you realise the memory, be kind to yourself and take it away with wisdom. Listen to this meditation with headphones on to let go of whatever challenge is causing you grief at this time.

So why can some people perceive spirits (especially younger children) and some have no idea?

Once again, it all comes down to your Chakras and how open they are. A person who can see spirits will have a very open Third Eye Chakra located in the middle of the head. Someone who can see the greater reality of the universe also has a very high natural frequency. This natural frequency is responsible for how we feel in the world. Those who are higher on the scale feel love and compassion for others more than someone who was very spiteful.

Our natural frequency levels can be described by the diagram below.

Map of Conscienceness 2

Think about your favourite song. How did it make you feel? Frequency is everything especially music. When a song makes you feel happy or sad, it is playing the frequency of an emotion which is why you feel a certain way.

When someone yells at us, they are putting a negative frequency into our being which is why those of us who are in tune with the world, get hurt very easily. I used to cry every time whenever I was in the slightest bit of trouble at school.

The thing to remember is, you are perfectly normal. So many other people are experiencing the things that you are in this moment. We all hear, see and experience things that modern science cannot explain because they do not want us to know. We are all divine and perfect. Be grateful to have such an amazing gift and share it with others. Do not be afraid because it is completely natural and simply means you are vibrating at a higher rate.

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Much love to you all.


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The Matrix

“What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

In my last year in high school, in religious education class, we studied the movie The Matrix. Funny right – a sci fi movie with lots of killing and fighting and we studied it in Religious Education. I can’t say they were completely accurate on their representation of what the movie meant, but it certainly was an indepth look and I thank them for that.

The Matrix, for those who haven’t seen it, is a movie about a program hacker who discovers that the world is just a simulation. He gets unplugged from the system keeping humanity as slaves to their machine overlords and finds out that he is the “one” who is the last hope of humanity.


This is a spiritual website Dylan so why are you bringing this up then? Well I’ll share it with you. The Matrix is an accurate description of our real life. Yes, I said it. We are currently in our own Matrix.


You must think I’m insane but let me explain.


Our physical reality is just an experience our soul is having to grow. I am borrowing many terms out of Robert Monroe’s books. Robert Monroe is responsible for investigating Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs) and presenting them to the Western world. He is responsible for helping many achieve and wake up their greater existence and I truly am grateful for his work for helping me understand our greater universe. I have written more about OOBEs here :

To put it in terms of the movie. The Matrix is our current physical reality, the ‘real world’ is the bounds of space time we can experience and travel through freely when we can separate our soul from our physical body – which is what happens when we have an OOBE.

We all have OOBEs every night. Whenever we dream, we are having an OOBE. The unconscious dream state is another time where our soul is learning in what is called the Human Compressed Learning System (HCLS). The HCLS is the way our soul can grow in levels of consciousness. It grows by experiencing emotion and working through to solve any issues as they arise.

All the earth is, is a place of condensed learning taking place of multiple lifetimes. This is why reincarnation happens – this is due to the fact that we cannot solve all our issues when we begin the cycle in one lifetime. Therefore we get sucked into the system until we learn enough to graduate.

The easiest way to describe the process from something that is understood in our physical reality is orbital mechanics.

Orbital Mechanics 101.PNG

When a spacecraft has to get to a stable orbit around Earth, it needs to accelerate to a certain speed to not fall back to Earth. Once it has achieved this speed – it is now in a stable orbit and will not fall back to Earth unless it decides to by slowing down. For the spacecraft to escape Earth’s gravity, it needs to accelerate more until it is no longer in orbit.

The exact same process is followed with our souls. For us to complete our learning experience – we need to achieve escape velocity to complete our learning.

To achieve escape velocity, we need to learn certain things on this Earth such a love,compassion, understanding – morals that most religions teach. Just not understanding the purpose. 

The purpose of life is not to get to Heaven – although every religions afterlife exists as it has been thought of by someone, it is not real. It is still part of the HCLS and you will have to reincarnate to learn more to eventually achieve escape velocity and return to your true self with all your memories.

If this is true – why cannot I not remember? Having memories of your past lives and your experiences in the metaphysical world would not allow you to learn from this experience as you would know it wasn’t real or the ‘final’ version of reality. Instead, we have our mind blanked so we can take advantage of the experience to the fullest.

Once we realise this, life becomes a game. A game to learn and beat because honestly, it isn’t real and there is nothing to worry about. There is no point is wasting time because you’ll just come back to pick up where you left off in your journey. So don’t be fearful, because you simply have nothing to lose.

We all chose to be here on Earth, lets grow.

Till next time


Being in Sync with those around us

Is there just sometimes where no one seems to ‘get you’? Everyone is against you and no one wants to listen to or understand your ideas?


There is a scientific explanation behind why this happens and it is related to vibration. Vibration and frequency make up the world. Imagine this: You have 3 glasses each filled up with different amounts of water. When you tap each glass with a spoon, it creates a different sound. This is called the natural frequency of the object.


Every single inanimate object has a natural frequency which describes the rate at which the object is vibrating on a subatomic level.


If a simple glass can have a natural frequency, doesn’t it make sense that human beings also have a natural frequency?


As we know, music can make us feel incredible emotions from complete and utter joy to a depressing sadness. The reason music can make us feel this way is because our thoughts and feelings can all be represented by frequency. Music plays that frequency which is why we feel particular emotions. The emotional map can be seen below and describes everyone who has ever been alive’s natural frequencies.

Map of Conscienceness 2

Each level can be described by frequency, the higher our frequency, the happier we feel while on the other hand we hate our lives the lower our frequency goes. .

Coming back to the human body, we all have a natural frequency in which our energy bodies are operating at. Like in a music piece, when you have a harmony, it sounds beautiful. However, if the tune is not in harmony, the music sounds horrible.


The human body works the same way. If your natural frequency is not in line with someone else’s, you aren’t going to get along with them. It is that simple. When we are in harmony with someone, we like them.


When we are vibrating at the same frequency as someone, we are more than often in love or have a very special and intimate connection.


The thing to realise is, when we are not in sync with someone, it doesn’t mean they are better or worse than us. It simply means we are at a different vibrational level than them. Once we begin to let go of our ego (Our judgements of others and reality) we begin to realise there is so much more.


Simply associate with those who are at the same or higher frequency as yourself. They will bring you up with them. If you want to achieve love and happiness, don’t hang around people who aren’t that. Or guess what? Nothing will change.


Never stop striving to raise your vibration higher and higher because ultimately, that’s what life’s all about.


Till next time



“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”

David Hawkins – Author of Power vs Force


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The Emotional Guidance Scale

During my last semester of my engineering school, before I left, I did a subject about frequency and vibration. One of the key concepts taught in this class is that every object has a natural frequency which it vibrates at when a force is applied and removed from it.

It is learning this critical bit of information which allowed me to connect my experiences with things greater than the physical plane such as summoning spirits with my engineering knowledge learnt.

Using this piece of information, I asked myself the question:

“If inanimate objects have a natural frequency which they vibrate at, do human beings also have a natural frequency?”

The answer to that question is yes. A human being is to complicated to be described by just one frequency. Throughout our day, how many different thoughts and feelings do we have? Many more than a singular digit.

The best way to understand the natural vibration of a human is to compare it to a song. A song has many different frequencies all which represent particular emotions – I talk more about frequency and music here:

Human beings can also be described as a song. Us being joyful when we meet a long time friend, is sad if someone we love has died to experience love with the love of our lives. All these emotions can be described as frequency, which is why a song can make us feel happy, sad and all the emotions in between.

So if human beings have all these frequencies throughout the day, we could take the average of all of them and come up with a number. With this number, we would be able to describe the sort of person someone is or how they view the world.

Here is a diagram created by Abraham Hicks which basically shows how each emotion is rated vibrationally. At the top of the spiral on the upward, we have the highest frequencies accessible to our third density experience.

the emotional guidance scale


Shame: (20)

The level of shame is perilously proximate to death, which may be chosen out of Shame as conscious suicide or more subtly elected by failure to take steps to prolong life. In shame we hang our heads and slink away, wishing that we were invisible. It’s destructive to emotional and psychological health and makes us prone to physical illness.

Guilt: (30)

Guilt manifests itself in a variety of expressions, such as remorse, self-recrimination, masochism, and the whole gamut of symptoms of victimhood. Unconscious Guilt results in psychosomatic disease, accident proneness and suicidal behaviour. Guilt provokes rage and killing frequently is its expression.

Apathy: (50)

This level is characterized by poverty, despair, and hopelessness. The world and the future look bleak. Apathy is a state of helplessness, its victims needy in every way, lack not only the resources but the energy to avail themselves of what may be available. Unless external energy is supplied by a caregiver, death through passive suicide may result.

Grief: (75)

This is the level of sadness, loss and dependency. Those who live at this level live a life of constant regret and depression. This is the level of mourning, bereavement, and remorse about the past. In Grief one sees sadness everywhere, this level colours one’s entire level of existence.

Fear: (100)

From the viewpoint of this level, the world looks hazardous, full of traps and threats. Once Fear is one’s focus, the endless worrisome events of the world feed it. Fear becomes obsessive and may take any form. Fear limits growth of the personality and leads to inhibition. Because it takes energy to rise above Fear, the oppressed are unable to reach a higher level unaided.

Desire: (125)

Desire moves us to expend great effort to achieve goals or obtain rewards. Desire is also the level of addiction, wherein it becomes a craving more important than life itself. Desire has to do with accumulation and greed. Want can start us on the road to achievement. Hence Desire can become a springboard to yet higher levels of awareness.

Anger: (150)

As people move out of Apathy and Grief to overcome Fear as a way of life, they begin to want; Desire leads to frustration, which in turn leads to Anger. Anger expresses itself most often as resentment and revenge and is, therefore, volatile and dangerous. Since Anger stems from frustrated want, it’s based on the energy field below it. Frustration results from exaggerating the importance of desires. Anger leads easily to hatred, which has an erosion effect on all areas of a person’s life.

Pride: (175)

In contrast to the lower energy fields, people feel positive as they reach this level. However, Pride feels good only in contrast to the lower levels. Pride is defensive and vulnerable because it’s dependent upon external conditions, without which it can suddenly revert to a lower level. Pride is fueled by the inflated ego which is always vulnerable to attack. Hence the downside of Pride is arrogance and denial. These characteristics block growth.

Courage: (200)

At the 200 level, power first appears. Courage is the zone of exploration, accomplishment, fortitude, and determination. At the lower levels the world is seen as hopeless, sad, frightening, or frustrating, but at the level of Courage, life is seen to be exciting, challenging, and stimulating. At this level of empowerment, one is able to cope with and effectively handle the opportunities of life. Hence growth and education become attainable goals. Obstacles that defeat people whose consciousness is below 200 act as stimulants to those who have evolved into the first level of true power. People at this level put back into the world as much energy as they take; at the lower levels, populations, as well as individuals, drain energy from society without reciprocating. The collective level of consciousness of mankind remained at 190 for many centuries and, curiously, only jumped to its current level of 207 within the last decade.

Neutrality: (250)

Energy gets very positive as we get to this level. Below 250, consciousness tends to see dichotomies and take on rigid positions. The Neutral condition allows for flexibility and nonjudgmental, realistic appraisal of problems. To be Neutral mean to be relatively unattached to outcomes; not getting one’s way is no longer experienced as defeating, frightening or frustrating. This is the level of safety. People at this level are easy to get along with and safe to be around and associate with because they are not interested in conflict, competition or guilt. These people are comfortable and relatively undisturbed emotionally. This attitude is nonjudgmental and doesn’t lead to any need to control other people’s behaviour.

Willingness: (310)

This level of consciousness might be seen as a gateway to the higher levels. At the Neutral level, jobs are done adequately, but at the level of Willingness, work is done well and success in all endeavours is common. Growth is rapid here; these are people chosen for advancement. Below the 200 calibrations, people tend to be closed-minded, but by level 310, a great opening occurs. At this level, people become genuinely friendly, and social and economic success seems to follow automatically. People here are helpful to others and contribute to the good of society. They’re also willing to face inner issues and don’t have major learning blocks. With their capacity to bounce back from adversity and learn from experience, they tend to become self-correcting. Having let go of Pride, they’re willing to look at their defects and learn from others.

Acceptance: (350)

This level a major transformation takes place, with the understanding that one is oneself the source and creator of the experience of one’s life. All people below 200 tend to be powerless and see themselves as victims, at the mercy of life. This stems from a belief that the source of one’s happiness or the cause of one’s problems is “out there”. At the Acceptance stage, nothing “out there” has the capacity to make one happy, and love isn’t something that’s given or taken away by another but is created from within. Acceptance allows engagement in life on life’s own terms, without trying to make it conform to an agenda. The individual at this level isn’t interested in determining right or wrong but instead is dedicated to resolving issues and finding out what to do about problems. Long-term goals take precedence over short-term ones; self-discipline and mastery are prominent.

Reason: (400)

Intelligence and rationality rise to the forefront when the emotionalism of the lower levels is transcended. This is the level of science, medicine, and of generally increased capacity for conceptualization and comprehension. Knowledge and education are here sought as capital. This is the level of Nobel Prize winners, great statesmen, and Supreme Court justices. Einstein, Freud, and many of the other great thinkers of history calibrate here. The shortcomings of this level involve the failure to clearly distinguish the difference between symbols and what they represent. Reason does not of itself provide a guide to truth. It produces massive amounts of information and documentation but lacks the capability to resolve discrepancies in data and conclusions. Reason itself, paradoxically, is the major block to reaching higher levels of consciousness. Transcending this level is relatively uncommon in our society.

Love: (500)

Love, as depicted in the mass media, is not what this level is about. For when this love is frustrated, it often reveals an underlying anger and dependency that it had masked. That love can turn to hate in a common perception. Hence love never existed for hate only stems from pride, not love. The 500 level is characterized by the development of a Love that is unconditional, unchanging, and permanent. It doesn’t fluctuate – its source isn’t dependent on external factors. Loving is a state of being. It’s a forgiving, nurturing, and supportive way of relating to the world. Love isn’t intellectual and doesn’t proceed from the mind; Love emanates from the heart. Love focuses on the goodness of life in all its expressions and augments that which is positive. This is the level of true happiness. Only 0.4% of the world’s population ever reaches this level of evolution of consciousness.

Joy: (540)

As Love becomes more and more unconditional, it begins to be experienced as inner Joy. Joy arises from within each moment of existence, rather than from any other source; 540 is also the level of healing and of spiritually based self-help groups. From level 540 up is the domain of saints, and advanced spiritual students and healers. A capacity for enormous patience and the persistence of a positive attitude in the face of prolonged adversity is characteristic of this energy field; the hallmark of this state is compassion. People who have attained this level have a notable effect on others. They’re capable of a prolonged, open gaze, which induces a state of love and peace. At the high 500s, the world one sees is illuminated by the exquisite beauty and perfection of creation. Everything happens effortlessly and by synchronicity. A Presence is felt whose power facilitates phenomena outside conventional expectations of reality, termed miraculous by the ordinary observer. Near-death experiences, characteristically transformative in their effect, have frequently allowed people to experience the energy level between 540 and 600.

Peace: (600)

This energy field is associated with the experience designated by such terms as transcendence, self-realization, and God-consciousness. It’s extremely rare, attained by only 1 in 10 million people. When this state is reached, the distinction between subject and object disappears, and there’s no specific focal point of perception. Perception at the level of  600 and above is sometimes reported as occurring in slow motion, suspended in time and space – nothing is stationary, and all is alive and radiant. Although this world is the same as the one seen by others, it has become continuously flowing, evolving in an exquisitely coordinated evolutionary dance in which significance and source are overwhelming. This awesome revelation takes place rationally so that there is an infinite silence in the mind, which has stopped conceptualizing. That which is witnessing and that which is witnessed take on the same identity; the observer dissolves into the landscape and becomes equally the observed. Great works of art, music, and architecture that calibrate between 600 and 700 can transport us temporarily to higher levels of consciousness and are universally recognized as inspirational and timeless.

Enlightenment: (700 – 1,000)

This is the level of the Great Ones of history who originated the spiritual patterns that countless people have followed throughout the ages. This is the level of powerful inspiration; these beings set in place attractor energy fields that influence all of mankind. At this level there is no longer the experience of an individual personal self separate from others; rather, there is an identification of Self with Consciousness and Divinity. This is the peak of the evolutionary consciousness in the human realm. At this level there is no longer any identification with the physical body as “me”, and therefore, its fate is of no concern. The body is seen as merely a tool of consciousness through the intervention of mind, its prime value that of communication. This is the level of nonduality, or complete Oneness. The highest level attained by anybody who has lived in recorded history – to wit, the Great Avatars for whom the title “Lord” is appropriate: Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus Christ.

We can look at the graph and the above descriptions and figure out where our consciousness lies. When we figure that out, we can figure out what we need to do to improve our lives.

This can mean, stopping thinking negative thoughts which we begin to realise creates our reality, we can remove people who are toxic to our lives by their low vibrations and begin to associate with only people who are higher than us. By doing that, we begin to be raised out of life being forceful and we begin to have power over it all.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly, people are beginning to wake up and dramatic shifts in the way we live will happen in the next few years. The media will keep preaching hate, told lies by our governments to keep us in submission and throughly on the bottom side of the map. Take back responsibility for your life, we are the ones that have all the power. The collective consciousness of earth has just crossed the threshold into the power region. Cut out the toxicity of wood and water and the people who bring us down and start enjoying life. Once you do, you find you really don’t need to drown yourself in drugs every night or weekend because you are happy. You begin to work towards your dreams and they will come true.

Many blessings and until next time.



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