Releasing Fear

My fellow lightworkers, I greet you with the utmost compassion and love. πŸ’œπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’– We are united, working towards a common goal of paradise on this Earth. A place where everyone is free from pain and suffering and the love of the universe reigns supreme. What you can do to help others is most important to […]

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How many of us have a bad day so we decide to do something that we’ll later regret. We binge out on junk food or Netflix for a whole season wasting a night away. We can smoke cigarettes or binge drink alcohol because work is too hard or a circumstance is hurting but what does […]


Loving Ourselves

I had left my job about a month ago to begin my journey to build a van and travel around Australia. During this time, I had been so focused on doing what I “had to do” that I missed the point of it all. The point of leaving full-time work was not to have to […]

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Global Consciousness Movement

Who am I? Ever since I was little, I never really fit into this world. I couldn’t understand why I was so different and why everyone else seemed the “get” life when I was just left feeling confused. Such things happen when you are from outer space. Source:Β During my first advanced energy healing session […]

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The world as we know it is a lie. From the moment of our birth we are fed a tale that we must work hard and life is not fair guess what, it is.

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Spirit Guides

Sometimes we feel a presence watching over us. An individual that helps us throughout our lives that protects us from harm and guides us on our journey. What if we could talk to them?

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Seeing Spirits

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a young girl who is seeing and hearing other worldly entities and as most kids would be, she was terrified by it. I don’t blame her. In our society, we have this immense fear about what others think of us. We want to be loved and accepted for […]

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I recently had the opportunity to rewatch an incredible movie with my partner. That movie is Avatar and no I don’t mean The Last Air bender movie. Avatar both The Last Air bender and The Legend of Korra are my two favourite TV shows of all time and definitely deserve their own blog post due […]

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Being in Sync with those around us

Is there just sometimes where no one seems to β€˜get you’? Everyone is against you and no one wants to listen to or understand your ideas?   There is a scientific explanation behind why this happens and it is related to vibration. Vibration and frequency make up the world. Imagine this: You have 3 glasses […]

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