I recently had the pleasure of staying in Maleny on Saturday night while attending a workshop up there. I can’t say there’s much better than waking up to a stunning view like this in the morning.

5 Months ago, I was an engineering student with an addiction to smoking pot every day. If anyone has been through an addiction, you realise that you use this substance as a coping mechanism because you are truly unhappy with your life. The worse the substance, the more unhappy you are.

The past 5 months have taught me so much about not only myself but the Universe itself. I know, I know – it sounds cliché, but the puzzle pieces of our existence are coming together.

I first realised that everything is vibrating at a subatomic level – hence everything is made up of energy for this to happen. (Movement takes energy Work (Energy) = Force * Distance)

Universal Frequency

Second, we are entirely responsible for our lives. There is no external circumstance, it is all how we perceive the world. When we think a thought, the corresponding energy we have sent out into the universe of energy will come back to us. (Think positively and you’ll have everything you want)

The Law of Attraction

Thirdly, the universe is made up of Love. The energy surrounding us and guiding us through our daily lives is made up of love for everything. We are compassionate at our core, don’t listen to those who would tell you otherwise.

Love and Compassion

The final and probably most important thing that relates to this blog. Dreamscape.

“As the dreamscape around me grows clearer, I slip further away from it. The mind is a magical thing, I’m discovering. A dreamscape is made of thought and is wider than the sky, able to grow large enough to fit not just our own world, but every possibility and impossibility beyond it. Once I quit thinking of it as being forced into the laws of physics, it’s easy to manipulate the dreamscape into anything I want. I don’t know how I know all this, no more than I understand how I know things when I dream. I just do.

I throw up my hand, and a wall rises between the orange grove and me. Behind the wall, I start creating the world I need in Representative Belles’s mind.” 

― Beth RevisThe Body Electric


The world that we live in is not the primary world. Let me tell you what workshop I attended, It was about Astral Travel. For those that don’t know, we are not this physical body but are made up of energy. This body we are in is simply a vessel in which we are exploring the physical plane in.

Numerous sources claim to have the ability to leave their body and experience instantaneous travel to the other side of the planet, different planets and different dimensions of existence. They can travel in time both forward and back because time is not linear. None of it is physical. Not your car, not your cat, not your bed. At a subatomic level (Smaller than an atom), everything is just energy.

I walk around this Earth with the knowledge now that anything is possible. I cannot die as my spirit, my divine self-lives on and has experienced many lives. I have had glimmers of some. This world we live in is simply a tool to grow our consciousness. To experience new things, to love, to give and to feel. The options we have are endless in this beautiful sandbox we live in. There are those in the world who would exploit this knowledge and keep it for themselves. So they can keep feeding their ego and cling to the false assumptions that their materialistic power means something.

There is such an amazing world waiting for you when you let go of what the world tells you is right and follow your heart. No one can tell you the answers that you seek. Some can give you a glimmer of the truth but it is up to you to find it. You’ll begin to realise that the answers to the big questions come from within. Talk to yourself, your guides, divine figures of intelligence. Whatever resonates with you!

Spirit Guides

 You are free to live your infinite lives however you like. The truth which your heart and higher self-knows are that this really is a dreamscape. It doesn’t matter. Our astral self-leaves our body every night, we simply do not remember. It’s not figuring out how to escape this world, it is figuring out how to remember it.

I’d like to share with you an exercise I learnt from the workshop. The guy’s name is Greg Doyle and I highly recommend checking out his website if you are interested in the notion of being able to go anywhere in the universe.


As you are sitting in a chair or lying down. Focus your intention on your Third Eye chakra (Middle of your brow), just simply focus there and set your intention to be “I want to astral travel and I want to consciously remember the experience”. Do this over and over again and the experience will happen. You may choose to return to your body at any time, it is completely safe. Your guides are with you the whole time.

Whenever you are ready, the experience is waiting for you.

Until next time



Spirit Guides

It’s interesting how you notice patterns about yourself. Not that they’re good or bad, just curious to see how you interact with the world. For example; before I write a blog post which I guess feel nervous or just different about, I will normally take a bit less than a week to really grasp the idea which I am trying to convey. The writing process for me is not only a form of expression and healing for me but also a way for me to put my understandings in words for myself to refer back to. Hopefully you receive some knowledge through the process as well.

The topic of spirit guides is a deep one which most people relate to. Through different cultures and religions there is almost always a “guardian angel” looking out for us. We sometimes feel them around us, we get nudges from them to do certain actions which are helpful to our life purpose or when we progress on our spiritual awakening, we begin to be able to communicate with them as you would to your significant other or parents.

Living in the 21st century has it’s pros and cons to the awakening soul. The negative is that we are surrounded by so many distractions from the news, social media, video games – the list goes on. The positive side of living in the 21st century is that we have a vast resource of spiritual knowledge from all around the globe at our finger tips. That is pretty cool.

A simple google search about a topic such as meditation will give us hundreds of thousands of results on how we can begin meditating. One of the most incredible resources we have would have to be YouTube. Not only can be hear people discussing the ideas and philosophies we might be resonating with at one time, but we have an incredible library of vibratory music which we can use to heal ourselves.

I think I need to start with a basic definition of what a spirit guide is so we are all on the same page to begin with. A spirit guide is a non-physical entity which helps us throughout our physical incarnation. Our spirit guides give us wisdom when we ask for it and help when we require it.

We have many spirit guides, some stay with us through only a portion of our lives while others remain with us the whole time. They can have incarnated just like ourselves and have finished their time on Earth and now are responsible for helping others through the same process which they have just experienced or they might not have been in a physical body at all.

It just depends.

I want to say that our spirit guides love us for our true selves. They know us and have been with us since our birth. They only want to help us grow and heal so we can experience the love all around us.

Through the use of Hemi-Sync technology (Vibratory patterns which align the left and right hemispheres of the brain) , I am in clear contact with all my spirit guides quite often. I can go into a deep meditative state and actively communicate and perceive all my guides. I ask for wisdom when I am struggling with a challenge in my life or answers or additional information which I might not fully comprehend. I have included an audio recording which I use to communicate with my guides often.


When we start our awakening process, we begin to realise that the answers to life from the outside world don’t resonate with us anymore. Religious doctrine and conventional ways of thinking go out the window. I promise you you’re not crazy. We all experience it.

When this happens, begin to first look inward for the answers you seek. Use guided meditations on YouTube to go into deep states of meditation and communicate with your spirit guides. No one outside of you can tell you what is the right thing to believe in. You will know, inside your heart what resonates with you.

Once you have had the full experience of knowing that your spirit guides are with you 100% of the time, the feeling is awesome. You realise that everything has a purpose and everything is happening exactly how it should. We take a step back from the bullshit we involved ourselves with and realise, this isn’t us and we simply let it go.

Just keep doing a little bit every day, ask for help when you need it and the way will be provided. Trust in the universe around you and have fun with it. Life isn’t meant to be all serious and glum. We’re only on this Earth for a fraction of our existence as universal souls. We are all here just learning lessons.

Till next time


Seeing Spirits

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a young girl who is seeing and hearing other worldly entities and as most kids would be, she was terrified by it. I don’t blame her.

In our society, we have this immense fear about what others think of us. We want to be loved and accepted for who were are without the fear of being thrown in a mental hospital because someone doesn’t agree with our point of view. I was inspired to write this post to give value to not only this girl, but to help others in similar situations who have or know of a child who experiences more than is accepted by our Western Society.

Our bodies are completely made up of energy due to everything in existence vibrating as I learned in my Engineering school. Since we are all vibrating and this vibration cannot exist without energy feeding it and energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed,  we are all divine beings of energy.

Our energy bodies are made up of Chakras which can be described as spinning disks of energy. Our chakras contain the energy of our emotions and feelings. We have 7 Chakras in total and this diagram describes their position, their colour and what emotions they correspond to.


When we have a block in our chakra, the energy doesn’t flow. We experience challenges in that part of our life until we clear the block. If we do not, the block will continue to develop until we develop diseases such as cancer. There is no probability of getting cancer, whenever we experience a pain or problem – it relates directly to how the energy is flowing through our chakras.


If you look at the image below – you can view each chakra as a pond in a stream. Each is linked to one another and the water is the energy. When one of the pools is blocked, the rest of the pools cannot get enough water to sustain their capacity. When we remove the block, the pools are full and pure.


Our body is the exact same as these pools, when we have one chakra blocked for example our Root Chakra, we can feel unsafe in our environment but also cause our Throat Chakra to not function at its fullest and healthiest capacity. We might not be able to express ourselves to how we feel, we might think the world is against us. We might have all of our chakras reduced in their energy flow by one block.

When we realise we are in a pattern which is undesirable. Relax and realise we are scared because of fear. Let go of the fear and realise the situation cannot hurt us. Then feel the emotion which was behind the fear and let yourself experience it. Once you have experienced the emotion, you can figure out the memory which caused the block to happen in the first place. Once you realise the memory, be kind to yourself and take it away with wisdom. Listen to this meditation with headphones on to let go of whatever challenge is causing you grief at this time.

So why can some people perceive spirits (especially younger children) and some have no idea?

Once again, it all comes down to your Chakras and how open they are. A person who can see spirits will have a very open Third Eye Chakra located in the middle of the head. Someone who can see the greater reality of the universe also has a very high natural frequency. This natural frequency is responsible for how we feel in the world. Those who are higher on the scale feel love and compassion for others more than someone who was very spiteful.

Our natural frequency levels can be described by the diagram below.

Map of Conscienceness 2

Think about your favourite song. How did it make you feel? Frequency is everything especially music. When a song makes you feel happy or sad, it is playing the frequency of an emotion which is why you feel a certain way.

When someone yells at us, they are putting a negative frequency into our being which is why those of us who are in tune with the world, get hurt very easily. I used to cry every time whenever I was in the slightest bit of trouble at school.

The thing to remember is, you are perfectly normal. So many other people are experiencing the things that you are in this moment. We all hear, see and experience things that modern science cannot explain because they do not want us to know. We are all divine and perfect. Be grateful to have such an amazing gift and share it with others. Do not be afraid because it is completely natural and simply means you are vibrating at a higher rate.

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Much love to you all.


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I recently had the opportunity to rewatch an incredible movie with my partner. That movie is Avatar and no I don’t mean The Last Air bender movie. Avatar both The Last Air bender and The Legend of Korra are my two favourite TV shows of all time and definitely deserve their own blog post due to their themes of overcoming all odds and self-growth. But today I focus on James Cameron’s Avatar.


For those who haven’t seen this incredible movie the plot can be summarized as this: Humanity in the future finds another Earth like planet and begins a mining operation due to the incredibly valuable substance found in the planet Pandora. The planet is also inhabited by natives the Navi. The natives home rests on the biggest source of the substance so the humans want to ‘relocate’ the natives so they can rip apart the planet for the money. They try to do this peacefully by engaging with the natives with humans operating ‘avatars’ which are the Navi’s body but the humans consciousness can be transferred into it.


The movie deals with a lot of powerful themes such as the sacredness of life, the destructive culture of the human race, love and the metaphysical connection between lovers but also animals. The Eywa is what is the Navi’s Mother Earth in our own culture. The consciousness of the planet is described through the scientists of the movie by comparing the electrical ecosystem to the synapses of the human brain.


Avatar is incredibly powerful and moving and makes you really feel for the Navi. You could compare the destruction of Pandora to the deforestation of our planet and the destroyed native cultures around the world which were torn apart by the Western World. Some of these great civilizations who lived in direct contact with Mother Earth are the Aboriginals, The Native Americans, The Africans, Mauri’s  the list goes on. Wherever the West decided they wanted to expand, they found a new piece of land, saw it was already inhabited by natives so they made them an enemy so they were justified in killing them.


We as a society have no respect for our planet which sustains us. We drive cars which pollute the atmosphere when there are plenty of alternatives such as running a diesel car on Used Vegetable Oil as I will be doing when I travel around Australia in 2018. Breeding livestock and then slaughtering them in the most inhumane ways when there are plenty of alternative things to eat then meat.


I don’t personally eat meat by choice but in Avatar, whenever they make a kill – they do it only for food when it is necessary. Make it as painless as possible for the animal and also say thank you to the animal and sort of give them their last rights in a sense. Telling them they will merge with Eywa.


The most powerful concept dealt with in the movie is most certainly Eywa. Eywa is the connectedness in all things which keeps balance of Pandora. This is exactly the same as our own Mother Earth. Concepts of God as a deity which exists in the sky are silly and were an old way of understanding something that was much bigger than ourselves.


God, just like Ewya on Pandora and our own Mother Earth are not singular deities. They are everything that drives the planet. They are in us, our pets to the trees in the Amazon to the sea creatures which exist deep below the surface of the ocean where there is no light.


Everything is connected and everything has a purpose for coming into being. Our Earth is a garden and we need to take care of her as she does for us. Let go of singular entities and embrace that there is oneness in everything. That is when the true beauty of life come in.


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How do we help others?


“I’ve spent my whole life fixing the people around me and putting myself last. I’ve finally realized how much that damaged me.”

For most of us,we hate to see others suffer. It is our human condition,to feel love and empathise with others. When we see someone suffering, our instinct is to relieve them of their pain.

We can normally very easily see why they have a particular problem in their life. We all cause every single issue we have ever had in our lives. I know that can be hard to hear, to not be able to blame anyone, but if we want to grow – this is the path.

It is a journey of self acceptance and realising that we are perfect in this moment with all our imperfections. Sometimes however, our ego takes over and we want to force our help onto others. We love the people in our lives so much that we will do anything to relieve their suffering.

This is not our job.

We cannot heal anyone but ourselves. We tend to take on other people’s issues to avoid dealing with our own and this just doesn’t help anyone. It causes us to be way more stressed than we should be and constantly living in a state where other people’s emotions cause you to have a bad day whenever they are having one.

We have to let go and release the chains we have put on ourselves. We all have enough issues as it is to fix within ourselves than to try and fix other people’s as well. It is not an achievable outcome.

The way you help people is by leading by example. By being a shining light in the darkness, you can help bring people along the path by them observing how happy you are.

Just remember, life is simply a game. It is full of challenges we must overcome to make it to the next level. When we treat life like a game,it becomes a lot less serious and we can enjoy it a lot more. Simply enjoy the moment and the experiences it brings. Accept all those who are around you struggling and offer them assistance only if they ask.

By doing this, you are not only helping them but also growing yourself.

Focus on love and happiness and the rest will fall into place.

Till next time


Being in Sync with those around us

Is there just sometimes where no one seems to ‘get you’? Everyone is against you and no one wants to listen to or understand your ideas?


There is a scientific explanation behind why this happens and it is related to vibration. Vibration and frequency make up the world. Imagine this: You have 3 glasses each filled up with different amounts of water. When you tap each glass with a spoon, it creates a different sound. This is called the natural frequency of the object.


Every single inanimate object has a natural frequency which describes the rate at which the object is vibrating on a subatomic level.


If a simple glass can have a natural frequency, doesn’t it make sense that human beings also have a natural frequency?


As we know, music can make us feel incredible emotions from complete and utter joy to a depressing sadness. The reason music can make us feel this way is because our thoughts and feelings can all be represented by frequency. Music plays that frequency which is why we feel particular emotions. The emotional map can be seen below and describes everyone who has ever been alive’s natural frequencies.

Map of Conscienceness 2

Each level can be described by frequency, the higher our frequency, the happier we feel while on the other hand we hate our lives the lower our frequency goes. .

Coming back to the human body, we all have a natural frequency in which our energy bodies are operating at. Like in a music piece, when you have a harmony, it sounds beautiful. However, if the tune is not in harmony, the music sounds horrible.


The human body works the same way. If your natural frequency is not in line with someone else’s, you aren’t going to get along with them. It is that simple. When we are in harmony with someone, we like them.


When we are vibrating at the same frequency as someone, we are more than often in love or have a very special and intimate connection.


The thing to realise is, when we are not in sync with someone, it doesn’t mean they are better or worse than us. It simply means we are at a different vibrational level than them. Once we begin to let go of our ego (Our judgements of others and reality) we begin to realise there is so much more.


Simply associate with those who are at the same or higher frequency as yourself. They will bring you up with them. If you want to achieve love and happiness, don’t hang around people who aren’t that. Or guess what? Nothing will change.


Never stop striving to raise your vibration higher and higher because ultimately, that’s what life’s all about.


Till next time



“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”

David Hawkins – Author of Power vs Force


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Love and Our Twin Flame

The greatest emotion we can ever feel is love. This is simply because the universe is made up of love. In terms of vibration, our emotions whether they be anger, guilt, pride, love, etc they all have a corresponding frequency value. This is why music can make us feel these things because it is literally playing us the emotional frequency.

Our thoughts and feelings can all be described in terms of a vibrationary number. We have a scale of how each emotion corresponds to frequency here:

Map of Conscienceness 2

This is what we call the map of consciousness. Each of our thoughts are feelings are on a scale. So i’ll ask you the question: Where do you want to be on the scale?

The more we raise our vibrations by healing ourselves, being kind, not judging others, the more we raise our vibration and bring ourselves closer to the universal source which flows through everything.

I bring it back to love. Love is what runs the universe, it is the love from others that keeps us going through thick and thin but also the love we have for ourselves.

I want to talk about relationships, soul mates and twin flames. When we truly love someone in a emotional and sexual way they can either be our soul mate or our twin flame. A soul mate is someone who your vibration is aligned with for that particular lifetime or part of it. The difference between a soul mate and a twin flame is that a twin flame crosses lifetimes. Your twin flame is the one you love unconditionally no matter what.You are psychically connected to each other;for example you know what the person is thinking before they say it. When you have found the one, you help each other grow.

Just because a person is your twin flame, doesn’t mean you won’t have issues together. A true twin flame helps you grow no matter what.


I want to tell you a story about my twin flame, my amazing partner Rachel. Rachel and I met over 3 years ago when I travelled to the United States on a school trip. We met at a NASA space camp in Huntsville, Alabama and were best friends shortly after. Our “official” relationship started last year and we haven’t looked back. Since that time, I have travelled to the USA to be with her and she has lived with me in Australia for 2 months.

We are divinely connected through all our chakras and although sometimes we come out of vibration with each other, we always find our way back. We read each other’s thoughts and feelings, when one of us is sad, the other one normally feels it in their heart. It is funny because we are opposites in many ways but along the same. Our star signs are Taurus and Libra, Earth and Air yet we are in balance, we are yin yang.

Polar Opposites

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the whole universe. It connects us and helps us to grow as spiritual beings up in vibration. When we love our soul mates, our twin flame or anyone for that matter, we are attracting more love and positivity in our lives.

So don’t take your partner for granted, take the time to really connect and talk about your feelings and emotions because that is where the connection comes from.

Be willing to accept all their flaws and be grateful because they accept yours. We are all perfect beings with all our imperfections and our love for each other is all that matters.

Preach love and kindness to all, practice it daily. Give hugs and send love to your enemies. They are the ones who need it.



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