My name is Dylan Light. I am a lightworker, Reiki and Awakening Master dedicated to helping others achieve freedom from suffering. I am to helping everyone raise their vibration upwards and spread love, knowledge, light, and healing throughout the universe.
I teach unselfish love as my main concept (The act of giving without asking for anything in return). I help people heal from their fears and teach people to live the Now where we can experience Being and our own divinity. When we live in the Now and take loving action towards ourselves and others, we release our past traumas and our life experience becomes one filled with love.
This is the time of great awakening as the energies of the planet shift into emotions of love and light. Together we raise the vibration of the planet. It takes everyone ❀
My sessions are purely donation based. After completion, you can choose what you wish to pay me through PayPal. Healing and Coaching are for all and I wish all of you the most light and love in the universe. We are one.
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