Releasing Fear

My fellow lightworkers, I greet you with the utmost compassion and love.
We are united, working towards a common goal of paradise on this Earth. A place where everyone is free from pain and suffering and the love of the universe reigns supreme.
What you can do to help others is most important to help yourself. You can raise your own vibration and bring that divinity through your passion.
Our passions inspire us to do great things. Maybe you are an aspiring artist, designer, healer, creator, whatever that dream inside of you is, I ask you to let it out.
I ask you to let go of your fears and come into the light. Show your divinity and your passion through everything you do and everything you say. Forgive those who hurt you, they don’t know any better.
We have the power inside us to change our own world and therefore change others.
Little things you can do include listening to someone when they are in pain. Just be there for them. Support them with love. Let go of blaming others for something that hurt you and forgive them. Release them from your pain so they can heal as well.
When we do these small steps, we stop fear from being spread. Fear is the only thing stopping love from coming into your life. Love from others and most importantly, love for yourself.
Set your intentions to release this fear and the way to be free will be shown.
I have created an 8-hour affirmations recording for you to listen to while you sleep or meditate. Use it when you are angry or sad. For underneath that feeling is fear.
When you release this, you can join us in love. The world is uniting with everyone. Join us and help the ones you love.
Love and light

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