★★[REIKI 1] – The Metaphysical Causes of Disease

In one of my earliest blog posts, I talked about the connection between our thoughts and the way our bodies are. You can read that post here: The Metaphysical Causes of Disease

Try and think of something which now exists which wasn’t thought of first. To make a house, you must first think of the house plan and then you build the house. Our body is the same way, the universe is not random in any stretch of the word. From our thoughts, we create our emotions and then create the circumstances which trigger those emotions.

The anger we might have isn’t caused by a person being rude to you. It might have been triggered by that, but anger like any emotion is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath anger lies pain, beneath pain lies the fear.

The most common fear to all of us is the fear of not being worthy. Heal the fear and the emotions go away. If you would like to learn Reiki and energy healing, watch the video below to understand how a disease is created.

Untitled design

Blessings of love and light


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