How to Build a Portable Mediation Pyramid

Greetings and Namaste

If you’re on this page, you may have had the inspiration to build a meditation pyramid. I’m going to show you how I did it so you can do it yourself easily!

This is what my pyramid looks like:


You will need:

  • 4 copper tubes 3/4inch in diameter (This doesn’t matter, use whatever you can find at the hardware store)
  • Electrical cable to join all 4 sides in correct position
  • A keyring to hold the apex of the pyramid in position
  • Electrical tape
  • Various crystals
  • Drill with various drill bits

So here is the process.

There are multiple types of mediation pyramids you can design eg. Giza, Nubian h, however, his pyramid is a Giza so we will be focusing on that as this is what I was told to make. This pyramid is in the exact proportion to the Great Pyramid of Giza and in ancient times of Atlantis, it was used for initiation to enlighten the person’s consciousness. We currently don’t have access to the Great Pyramid, so we shall use our own to accelerate our path to enlightenment (Universal Oneness).

  1. Choose the dimensions of your pyramid. These dimensions are given in non-dimensionless numbers. Therefore you can use any measurement you want as long as they are all the same. (ft, m, cm, in) You choose, whatever works with the material you have access to.

I personally used the dimensions of h = 95cm a = 149.22cm s=141.98cm – Use whatever you’re guided to.

Untitled picture

Height Base


(h) (a) (s)
2 3,1416 2,9892
3 4,71 4,48
4 6,28 5,98
5 7,85 7,45
10 15,7 14,94
15 23,56 22,41
20 31,41 29,89
25 39,27 37,36
30 47,12 44,83
35 54,97 52,31
40 62,83 59,78
45 70,68 67,25
50 78,54 74,73
55 86,39 82,2
60 94,24 89,67
65 102,1 97,14
70 109,96 104,62
75 117,81 112,09
80 125,66 119,56
85 133,51 127,04
90 141,37 134,51
95 149,22 141,98
100 157,08 149,46


  1. Once you have selected your dimensions, get 4 copper tubes and cut them to the length of your chosen s dimension. (For me it was 141.98cm)
  2. Next, drill two holes at one end at a 90-degree angle from each other
  3. Thread the keyring through each hole so the sides of the pyramid all converge to the same position

20180512_141509[1]4. Next, spread the pyramid out so there it is spread out in in’s final form at the correct a dimension. (Eg. Mine was 149.22cm)

5. Use something to park where the holes will need to be drilled at the bottom (They will be at 90 degrees to each other)

6. Next, drill each of the holes you have marked.

7. Get a piece of cable or wire, whatever you want to use of the length 4 times the a value. Eg (My a value was 149.22cm, therefore my length of wire was  596.88cm)

8. Thread the wire through each hole, do one side at a time taking your time with the measurements, once the correct length has been made, tape the join so the wire can’t move.

20180512_141521[1].jpg9. Do this for all sides then join the wire back together and you are done!

10. Decorate with crystals when guided by your intuition

11. Before using, align one of the sides to magnetic north using a compass (Important)

12. Have fun!


I hope this helps you make your own pyramid.


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Love and light



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