★★[Reiki 1] – What are Chakras?

As we continue our journey to learn Reiki 1, it is important to know what chakras are exactly. Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel of light and this is essentially their function.

Chakras process how energy flows through the body. When the energy is processed in each chakra it can leave in two ways. Fear and Doubt or Love and Trust.  Depending on how it is processed, it will create sensations in our body which we call emotions. We receive negative emotions from energy being processed in Fear and Doubt along with physical pains and illness.

While we experience happiness and perfect health if the energy is processed in Love and Trust.

The key to spirituality is understanding how our chakras are functioning and bring them back into alignment if they are not.

Our chakras are described in the image below as well as in greater detail in the video.


Recieve your Reiki attunement here: http://bit.ly/2HMYcJz

Blessings of light and love ❤


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