How many of us have a bad day so we decide to do something that we’ll later regret. We binge out on junk food or Netflix for a whole season wasting a night away. We can smoke cigarettes or binge drink alcohol because work is too hard or a circumstance is hurting but what does this do to us?


It only perpetuates the cycle and makes us feel worse about ourselves when we realise what we’ve done. We keep ourselves in this loop for years, even decades. Sometimes it takes a serious illness to shake us out of whatever circumstance we have put ourselves into.


See the thing is, we are responsible for our lives. There might have been an awful circumstance when you were a child, maybe you were bullied or abused and that sucks. I get it, I’ve been there. But the thing is, you have the power to change how you are feeling. You can choose to feel good.


I want to share a story of how I have been feeling lately. In the last few weeks, I had come to the realisation that I didn’t love myself. I wasn’t doing the things I wanted, even though I was “free”. I don’t work a regular job, I am working for myself. However, with all this newfound freedom, I still wasn’t connecting to my heart.

I put conditions on my happiness like most of us do. I told myself, I can’t be happy until I earn this amount of money. I won’t be happy till I start travelling.


In life coaching, we call these limiting beliefs. Whatever story we tell ourselves is what comes true.

The power in this is that you can take back the power from your ego. You can choose to be happy and I’m going to share with you some background information how:


To understand how to be happy we must understand what an emotion is. An emotion is a particular vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency, the more positive the emotion. Eg. Love, joy and peace have a much higher frequency than the emotions of anger, hate and jealousy.

Our brain is operating at its own emotional frequency and our thoughts decide where that frequency resides. Emotions are a choice and here are two powerful ways to snap yourself out of any rough situation that you find yourself in.

  1. Start listening to very high vibrational music. This ranges from songs such as Happy by Pharrell Williams to listening to Mozart as I am doing right now as I write this post. See music is simply a vibrational frequency being played to you, if you listen to really positive and loving music, your mood can’t help but change to that of what you are listening to. Try it, here’s Mozart to listen to. I dare you to listen to it for an hour and tell me if your mood gets worse and I’ll remove this post.


  1. Start laughing. Laughing induces endorphimes in the body. Many studies have been completed on how laughter affects the body. Here are just a few examples of such effects:
  • Reduces pain. In response to laughter, our bodies produce pain-killing hormones called endorphins.
  • Strengthens immune function. Laughter increases production of T-cells, interferon and immune proteins called globulins.
  • Improves respiration. Laughter increases pulmonary reflexes, lung volume and oxygenation of the blood.
  • Decreases stress. Laughter significantly lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and returns the body to a more relaxed state.

ย kids-2571037_1920

Don’t let yourself feel down about whatever it is, we are here for such a limited time on this planet. Enjoy every last second of it an raise your vibration. Move towards existing in a state of constant love and joy. Don’t beat yourself up when you realise, decide right now to feel good. The power is yours go dance, sing, laugh, walk, just do whatever it is to snap yourself out of feeling sorry for yourself.


When you’re ready the information is here, you get to choose. Happy or sad. I hope you’ll join me, lets light up the world with love and peace.


Blessings and Namaste

Dylan Light


2 thoughts on “CHOOSING TO FEEL GOOD

    1. Hi Aliza, I’m sorry to hear about your son. Depression stems from first a lack of self love (Heart Chakra) and a lack of feeling (Sacral Chakra). Get your son to do the things which he loves doing, let him express his creativity and encourage it. It’s all about how we think about ourself. Here’s an exercise for him to do everyday: Get him to place his hand on his heart and start to repeat “I love myself” “I am grateful for …” “I am loved” “I feel happy” Listening to happy music is really powerful as well. It has to be his choice to heal though, we can’t force anyone, not even our children to heal. We can only assist them and show them love. Blessings of love and light. Namaste


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