Loving Ourselves

I had left my job about a month ago to begin my journey to build a van and travel around Australia. During this time, I had been so focused on doing what I “had to do” that I missed the point of it all. The point of leaving full-time work was not to have to “do” all these things all the time. Yet, when I left fulltime work, this is exactly what I did.

I had this fear within myself that because I wasn’t working, I had to work twice as hard to make it through. It kept going and even though money wasn’t coming in, I just kept trying harder and harder to make it work.

One day, I got guidance from myself, as in direct communication with my higher self, please find the video below on a guided meditation on how to do this.

This guided communication told me to take a break. One day, I was instructed to do nothing. To not work on my van, to not work on social media but to do whatever it is that I wanted without any repercussion. I choose to go for a bushwalk.



During this day of self-love, I took the time to actually appreciate who I was and who I wanted to be. Without regret, that night, I was watching some movies and drinking some alcohol which is not something I normally do.Β  I specifically remember walking over to the bathroom and staring at myself in the mirror.

I did not love myself.

I could see the bags underneath my eyes caused by this thought of not being good enough, not being worthy of the love for myself. This was obviously ridiculous and I knew this to be true. I understood this to simply be a blockage in my heart chakra. I showed everyone around me as much love as I could, but couldn’t do the same for myself. I criticised myself and beat myself up with my own thoughts. But it didn’t have to be like this.

“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.”

-Jenn Proske

I decided to make a choice. A choice to live intentionally. A choice to heal my heart chakra and not just show love to others through my energy healing and life coaching, but through my own actions towards myself. I am free because I choose to be free. I choose to heal my issues and work on myself though whatever means I needed to.

I would energy heal myself, I would meditate, I would do mantras because I don’t deserve to live in a world where I don’t love myself.

And neither do you.

What it takes is a decision. A decision to want to heal. A decision to change everything, your thoughts about yourself and others is all that it takes. Reach deep within yourself and take back your power for this life. It is yours and yours alone. We are the creator experiencing itself in this form at this time.

We are not mere bodies of flesh which wither and die once our final breath comes. We are energy. We are the light which binds the universe together. We are one with all.


We create our lives however we wish them to be. There is no blame on others, no blame on parents or friends. Take back the power from them. Change your life into the way that you desire.

There is so much knowledge out there, we are only limited by our imagination to what our lives can be. We can change everything and create a paradise not just for ourselves, our families and our friends. But for those, we may not like. Imagine a world where we all live in harmony and peace with each other. A world not ruled by greed, but one ruled by love. Reach out and change it with me if you dare. You have that incredible and ferocious power within your soul. Time to let out the light.

Namaste my friends. I’ll see you on the journey.


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