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Are you awakened to our conscious reality but are unsure of what to do?

Join this once in a lifetime unique experience that will transform and bring miracles into your life in terms of money, relationships and spiritual growth. Are you ready to begin to fully realize your potential and do the things you really want to do?


The Awakening Method is a life coaching program for the spiritually awakened. It takes and builds upon a very successful and transformative program and adds advanced tools and techniques for the participant to completely transform and realize their potential.

“The Process is a short, inexpensive and great way to meet likeminded people who are wanting to take their life to the next level. The program is tailored to the individual and focuses on each person’s strengths and weaknesses and what the participant would like to learn”.

I have created a unique process that allows individuals to raise their vibration to begin to truly become the master of themselves. It can and will cause dramatic shifts in your consciousness and your environment if you want it to.

Join the life-changing process that will bring you the highest awareness of your own life, tools and techniques to continue your growth, unlimited energy healing (In person or distance) and a lifelong friendship which will continue to help you grow and give you guidance should you ask, long after the course is complete.


cropped-20180320_134227.jpgDylan studied Marine Engineering in Tasmania, Australia until one day during an extended meditation he had what many refer to as a spiritual awakening. Once this process has begun, there was no stopping it and he realized that he wasn’t happy doing what he was doing. He moved back to Brisbane and started full-time work while also honing and developing his energy healing.

Dylan went through his own life coaching program called The Miracle Method with was developed by Victoria Masters in the USA. This program is what helped him become the master of his life and do what he always wanted to do: travel Australia and then the world.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE FREE of the constraints of life? To truly do WHATEVER it is you want. To become the MASTER of your thoughts and actions so you create the life you truly want. You can have ANYTHING you want through this program.


The Awakening Method is split up into an 8-week program. Each week, Dylan meets with you for a 1 on one coaching session where we discuss the week’s topics as outlined in the online PDF which you can either print out and write in or type directly into.

What is different about this program compared to other Life Coaching programs is that Dylan is a powerful energy healer and Reiki Master which can help you transform just that much faster than ordinary life coaching programs. Dylan will be travelling and living out of a van while he explores Australia during this time so times for coaching will be discussed on a weekly basis depending on when you and Dylan are available.

For those interested in learning Reiki and Energy Healing, Dylan will include a Reiki attunement for those who wish to have the power to heal themselves. Reiki is a simple and very easy to learn energy healing modality which allows you to heal yourself whenever you wish. Imagine being able to remove pain from your body just by placing your hands over it. What is the instinctual thing to do when we hurt ourselves? Don’t we put our hands over it? We are already doing it unconsciously, why not take it to the next level to allow yourself to truly transform!

You can learn more about Reiki here: Reiki


In this document, I would like to give a brief overview of the understanding of consciousness as I understand it. Coming from an Engineering background, my brain is more left hemisphere focused. This means that it likes facts and science to explain what is going on. This is what I would like to share now.

In Engineering, we are taught that every inanimate object has what is called a natural frequency. This is the frequency at which the object vibrates at on a subatomic level all the time. We can hear this frequency sometimes when we apply a force to an object.

E.g. Tapping a wine glass with a spoon or plucking a guitar string

So, if every inanimate object has a natural frequency, all alive things would also have to have a natural frequency.

When we listen to our favourite song, it will inspire a certain emotion. Some songs make us sad and some make us feel a variety of things. This is because emotions are frequencies themselves. So, when a musician is recording a song, they are playing you the emotional frequency and recording it, which is why we feel things when we listen.

Therefore, if we apply our example of tapping a wine glass to a human being and we put them through a challenging circumstance, their natural frequency will be their emotional state which they are feeling at this time. Abraham Hicks does a good job of putting the frequencies of emotions into a chart for us to reference. I have included it below.

the emotional guidance scale

My role as your coach and healer is to help you to discover what blocks are holding you back from feeling the emotions of Joy and Love all the time through the proven techniques and exercises given.

Recommendations & Suggestions before the process

  1. Begin daily journaling about your thoughts and what has come up in the day. Keeping a dream journal is especially useful for other skills such as if you want to learn Astral Travel.
  2. Practice meditating for even 5 minutes in the morning before you start your day, you will find it just gives you that much more control.
  3. Practice self-love be kind to yourself when you make mistakes or when you figure out a block.
  4. Read books that resonate with you. I have included a suggested reading list which you might enjoy.
Optional Reading List:
  • The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • The Children of the Law of One – Jon Peniel
  • The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness
Course Prices

The price of the course is completely donation based. After every session, you will receive a link to my PayPal where you can choose to pay whatever it is that you think the session was worth. I ask you to pay with your heart, you are assigning the value to what you give back. 

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Namaste, I look forward to meeting you.

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