Energy Healing


In Engineering, we are taught that every inanimate object has what is called a natural frequency. This is the frequency at which the object vibrates at on a subatomic level all the time. We can hear this frequency sometimes when we apply a force to an object. E.g. Tapping a wine glass with a spoon or plucking a guitar string. So, if every inanimate object has a natural frequency, all alive things would also have to have a natural frequency.


When we listen to our favourite song, it will inspire a certain emotion. Some songs make us sad and some make us feel a variety of things. This is because emotions are frequencies themselves. So, when a musician is recording a song, they are playing you the actual emotion which is why we feel things when we listen.



Therefore, if we apply our example of tapping a wine glass to a human being and we put them through a challenging circumstance (The force acting on the object), their natural frequency will be amplified (Someone getting triggered). Abraham Hicks does a good job of putting the frequencies of emotions into a chart for us to reference. I have included it below. The higher the frequency of the emotion, the happier we feel. Love is the highest frequency available to us as it is the fundamental building block of the cosmos.

the emotional guidance scale

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing acts as a way to bring awareness to a block in your body so you can work through it and heal it. We are the masters of our own reality and only by accepting and working through our blocks, can we achieve our true purpose on Earth.

What is Disease?

Simply put, any disease or defect in the body is an energy blockage. As on a fundamental level are made up of energy, when our energy system is not flowing, our body is not receiving everything it needs to be healthy. See below for an infographic on chakras to determine if you have any blockages in your energy body.

4d1e2f67ab1dd539e02c425092fe0741For more information on the metaphysical causes of disease click here:

The Metaphysical Causes of Disease

My Role

My role as your coach and healer is to help you to discover what blocks are holding you back from feeling the emotions of Joy and Love all the time. I connect to the source consciousness and channel energy to the parts of your body that need the healing. The process is gentle, relaxing and well worth the benefits.

What happens in a session?

Each session is completely different depending on the individual but the basic structure is as follows. We first talk about what is on your mind and work to understand where you are blocked.

Next, the energy healing session begins and you lie on a massage table while I complete the energy work.

Lastly, once I have completed the session, you slowly come out of your very relaxed state and we talk about the things you experienced such as memories or emotions that came up while I was over particular chakras.

Each person is completely different so it is important to go with whatever comes in the session.


30 Minute Distance Healing Session

A short but very powerful distance healing session to balance your chakras and to give you the tools and insights to be able to heal yourself.



Connect Energy Healing Package

1 Session in person. For those wishing to connect with a higher part of themselves and take their healing to the next level.


Expand Energy Healing Package

3 Sessions in person. For those wishing to heal deep emotional traumas that we bury so you can accelerate your awakening process. You save $30




Enlighten Energy Healing Package

5 Sessions in person. For those who want a comprehensive look into their energy field and to really become familiar with it. This process allows very deep healing and cleansing which will cause life-changing transformations. You save $100


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2 thoughts on “Energy Healing

  1. I love that you gave so many examples of how everything has a vibration! Everything has energy. That is why energy healing can bring the w-holistic self back into balance. I wish you success in your energy healing business!

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