Global Consciousness Movement

Who am I?

Ever since I was little, I never really fit into this world. I couldn’t understand why I was so different and why everyone else seemed the “get” life when I was just left feeling confused. Such things happen when you are from outer space.



During my first advanced energy healing session completed by Phil Allen, an incredibly powerful energy healer who helped me along my path significantly, he told me that I showed him my past lives in which the first was on another planet and the second was inside the Earth. He noticed by observing my aura that my bottom 3 “Earth Chakras” did not exist. Like at all. So he built them for me which I am very grateful for.  This was a lot of information to process so I camped in my van for the night. The next day happened to be my grandfathers funeral. Right before I went to the funeral, I experienced my own past life regression for myself and I saw myself living first the alien world from which I originated and then in an inner civilization of Earth.



My Purpose:

It was from this moment on I knew why I was here. I was here to help raise the collective consciousness of the planet as are so many lightworkers at this time. The beautiful conscious being of Mother Earth is undergoing a massive transition from 3rd density consciousness into the 4th density consciousness. What this essentially means that our densities of conscious are closely linked to our chakras and since the 3rd chakra is the solar plexus, it is a density where power is a big factor. Power in our jobs, power in our relationships, power in our lives is the main focal point for many beings incarnated on Earth at this time. The 4th density, closely related to the 4th chakra is that of love. It is that of coming together and realising that we are all one together. We are all one living on this Earth as we are one in our galaxy and the vast cosmos of space. We are part of it all.


Since my time of spiritual awakening, I have received messages from my guides about what the purpose of my life is. The purpose is to bring as many lightworkers together as possible, achieve astral awareness  (Being able to leave the body at will) and collectively work together to channel light into the planet. This concept has been working on smaller scales all around the Earth from people meditating in Washington DC to bring the crime rate down Washington crime study shows 23.3% drop in violent crime trend due to a meditating group,

Washington graph.gifto Team Light’s work at healing natural disasters on the Astral Plane


The movement is happening and the world is awakening. Once we become aware that we are creating our own lives and take responsibility for that, a universe of possibility opens up. We have the choice to help the planet. Help those beings in darkness not by telling them their problems but by being a shining beacon of light so they may see they may find their way home. We are powerful together and united. The New Earth will come and an era of light and love will erupt from our planet as we undergo a transformation into higher consciousness.



You are not alone

This is a message to my fellow lightworkers, know you are not alone. There are many of us working towards the same goal, the same idea and that is the liberation of the planet from the dark forces that hold it there. You can make an incredible difference just by changing your vibrational frequency to rise to help bring the planet up. As more and more people do this, imagine our Earth as a dam. There are walls all around this dam to stop the beautiful cosmic life from flowering into our full potential. When we raise our frequency to be a pure being of light, the water in the dam raises just a little bit higher. Your actions might inspire 100 more people to do this, then the dam starts to get real full till we break down the walls and help all those who are unaware of the suffering.


If this message resonated with you, I would love to talk to you and hear your story. Please get in contact by messaging me on my Facebook page here:

I have a program designed to bring light workers together so we can collectively help each other heal and reach astral awareness. If you felt drawn to this post, this might be you.

Connect with me on Facebook and I will send you out the information.

I wish you many blessings of light in the love of the infinite creator. We are all one and I look forward to meeting you.


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