Densities of Consciousness

The following information pertains to the subject matter of from the book The Law of One (Ra Material). For those who haven’t read my previous overview of the book, click here: The Law of One

To summarise the book, Ra (A 6th density group of consciousness) describes how the universe operates and the main ideal stressed throughout the book is that everything is one. Everything is apart of the one creator. This means that there is not one god, it means that everything including you and me is just self-aware pieces of God working towards realizing that information.

This is a big statement but if you think about it, it makes sense scientifically. We have the universe (Which is so incredibly large the fact that people don’t believe in intelligent life is silly, they’re all around us), our milky way galaxy, our solar system, the earth, our bodies, our cells, our atoms and then finally at the centre of the atom, we find that everything becomes the same. Everything is energy.

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The interesting conclusion which I came to before reading The Law of One is that I realised that everything that which is energy, is also conscious. I’ll give you some examples, we can take pictures of the electromagnetic field which is around our bodies. This is commonly called the aura. See images below.


 Kirlian Photography of The Human Aura

All species across the animal kingdom feel emotions just like us as human beings do. They feel immense sadness when their young are taken away from them. A dog gets ecstatic when their owner comes home because they love them. Emotions are not a chemical in the human brain, they are simply electromagnetic frequencies which anything which is conscious (Which is everything), can create. We create them all the time, we call this music. Music can make us cry or feel ecstatic because music is simply playing the electromagnetic frequency at which the emotion is.

Through this information, all emotions can actually be mapped out by their frequency. The higher the frequency, the happier and more full of love you are. The lower the frequency, the more in pain and anger you are. A lovely graph shows all the different emotions below.

 the emotional guidance scale

The Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

Understanding that everything is one and our emotions create our lives (We stub our toe, we start hating ourselves, our day tends to fall to shit very quickly). We can shape our lives by controlling what we think about, think about positivity and light and that is what you will attract.

So what is the point of living then?

The point is to evolve. To grow in vibrational frequency by raising our emotions so they are high all the time. This involves spiritual practice usually. Learning meditation and being at peace, this helps us evolve.

The Law of One describes the different levels of consciousness as we grow.

I describe these steps in the previous post about the Law of One but with a bit more background, this is why we must keep going forward.

Coming back to why consciousness exists in the first place, Ra describes consciousness can be categorised into 7 densities. The first density is timeless, it is earth, fire, water and air. The elements themselves, they as everything is alive and conscious as they are all energy. Everything is connected.


 Kirlian Photography showing different energies in water

The second density is animals. The plants, the trees, the dogs we keep to the almighty elephant. We are simply all consciousness. There is nothing different between us except for our individuality.


 Kirlian Photography of a Leaf

As the soul evolves it reaches the third density which brings it to where we are on the scale (Not very high up are we) The third density is one of choice. It is where the importance of polarity comes into play. For us to evolve we must choose which way. Our options are Service to Self (Negative Polarity) and Service to Others (Positive Polarity). Either choice is a valid option to achieve graduation to the 4th density, however, Service to Others requires 51% polarisation while Service to Self requires 95%. The reason for this is because the universe has a built-in bias towards kindness and love, hence the easier pathway however the option remains.

When the consciousness graduates to the 4th, it is a density of love. Love for all beings because you understand that that being is the same as you because we are all one. For the service to self-path, it is loving and serving oneself because you know you are the creator so you can do as you choose.

The 5th density is that of wisdom and understanding.

The 6th density is of compassion.

The 7th density is completed as you become the full circle and the evolution is complete. You arrive being and truly understanding that you are the creator. I will go into more detail about these densities soon as they will require their own whole post.

As we are energy, we cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed. We can stay at our current level forever which is the third density, but we are not even halfway there! My purpose on this Earth is to help as many people become self-aware so the consciousness of the planet can be raised out of the darkness which it finds itself in.

When humanity unites against the forces of lower vibratory beings, we will become welcome in the cosmos with open arms. We are beings of light which have the power to change things. We need to unite and together we can.

If you enjoyed this information, please like and follow this blog. Share this information with as many as you can, read The Law of One if this information resonates with you, it will help you grow.

I leave you with the light and love of the infinite creator.


3 thoughts on “Densities of Consciousness

  1. thefrequencyengineer – I must say your articulations r impressive in their – depth – quality – succinctness – Thank U for bring such clarity and focus to the subject matter

    this – recent post – may be of interest and or use to U or it may not

    Either way – Be Happy – Live Long – Love Life

    God in Life as U & I

    a short postulate of – U & I
    in – Life – as – God – being
    as – God – is – Life – being

    as Triune {Body Mind Spirit} Beings (in as thru) – Life
    as Spirits being – Human – while – expressing –
    (in as thru) – {Life – Energy – Love – God}

    determine – elucidate – explicate – cognize
    that which One knows to be – Truth –
    refute that which is – Not – True – for – U –

    that which I AM & U R – IS –
    Life – as that which I AM & U R – exist –
    as A part of – that which – IS – All things being –

    I AM – there-fore – as – U R – as – All – IS –
    ONE – (with – as – in – thru) – {Life – God – Love – Energy}
    One – with the – ONE – BEING – that is – All things – being

    thus it is – that We R known – as – Beings of God –
    as we R – in fact and in deed – Gods – Being – being –

    we r {God – Life} expressing and experiencing its – Self –
    as – aspects of – parts of – individuations of –
    {All that – IS – Life – Energy – Love – God}

    as that which – IS –
    is – All things & No thing – being –
    is – Gods Being – as – All things – being

    thus it is – that which – I AM & U R –
    is/r – Being(s) of {God – Life}
    or rather simply – yet –
    profoundly stated –

    – We R – GODS BEING

    and as such – there-fore

    We R – All IS – God(s) – being

    is it not written and thus confirmed by Christ
    “have I not said – Ye R Gods”
    Psalm 82:6 & John 10:34

    Be Blessed in All that U R –
    as that which – U R – is –
    a – Blessed – Being –


    Deny or refute that which ye r able
    Accept that which ye Know as – Truth –
    Know – that which is thy – Being

    “unto thine own Self BE True”
    and so shall ye be unto All others

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it. I resonate with the message provided as we are all one and that is what Christ and many other enlightened teachers were teaching. Not to separate and divide, but to come together and love. For we are all one with God.

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