The Microcosmic Orbit

When I started my process of spiritual awakening a few things became clear to me

  1. I had a lot of shit to figure out
  2. Life was a lot cooler in terms of what was ahead for me

Something that I have dreamed of doing all my life is Astral Travel. From when I first heard about the topic, I knew it was incredibly important to my soul’s development. Many years of knowing about the ability but never really being able to pursue it until now.

So what is the difference between 2 years ago and now?


I know why people have certain metaphysical abilities, why people are happy for sad and how the world works.


Nikola Tesla β€” ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


The key to it all is vibration and here is why.

Before I began my spiritual awakening, I was a third-year engineering student living in Tasmania. In my last full semester, I did a subject on vibration and frequency. It would turn out to be the most important knowledge I ever learned as I could relate spirituality to science.


We were taught that every single inanimate object is vibrating at a level smaller than an atom. The key concept we needed to learn was that every object has a natural frequency. The best example I can give is a wine glass on a table. When you tap a wine glass with a spoon, what does it do? It vibrates.

This is called the natural frequency of an object which when you apply it to a human being, we also have our own natural frequency. As we are vibrating and physics says energy can neither be created nor destroyed – we are made up of energy or we couldn’t be vibrating. Eureka! We are energy beings.

So do some people view the world as negative and some as positive. It all comes down to our natural frequency. The higher our natural frequency, the happier we are. I talk about this in detail more here:

So if higher vibrational people are happier – how do we raise our vibration?

Certain lifestyle changes are necessary to begin living happier such as not judging others, loving one’s self for who we are, eating healthy, yoga, healing the list goes on. Refer to a table below to help.

Β raise-your-vibration1

Once we start doing those things and they become our lives, we want to raise our energy further. More advanced techniques are needed. I present The Microcosmic Orbit.

The Microcosmic Orbit method to increase vibration used within the world for thousands of years by many Eastern Cultures. It is a massive part of Taoist teachings and is really very useful. I have put in a short video for those who really want to dive into the specifics of it from a master.



To summarize the video, the microcosmic orbit is a way in which we breathe in energy around us and circulate it around our body as per the diagram below.


This allows us to activate many glands and our chakras throughout our beings and bring attention to particular emotional issues we might need to work on.

Just like meditation, when we commit to doing it on a daily basis, our world begins to change for the better. The Microcosmic Orbit will give you an incredible amount of energy when you do it every single day and allow you to live a healthy and happy life.

I have included a really good guided meditation for if you would like to try it for yourself. It will be life-changing.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please like and follow for more posts about vibrational energy and more advanced techniques as I learn them along the way.

Until next time,


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