I’m sorry for being slack about my blog posts lately. So much hectic events of life and development of my energy practices have been given priority. It’s interesting how this topic relates to the Ego as mine has been hindering my development through fear, lack of communication and just trying to worry me about things which aren’t inherently real.

To begin, I want to describe what the Ego is. The Ego is the part of our being which is associated completely with the physical world. The ego says we are the product of our life experience. So if something bad was done to us as a child, it gives us an excuse to act that way towards others.

An Ego is a place of blame.

The Ego does not want to take responsibility for its actions, it thrives on the blaming and degrading of others. It says we are better than everyone. The Ego wants us to worry about the past and the future. The Ego has needs that cannot be met, it wants more.


The Ego is the little voice in our head that tells us negative things. When we are trying to raise our consciousness or vibration through various spiritual practices, the Ego is the part of ourselves that gets in the way. The Ego does not like to not have control over every aspect of our being. The Ego will actively try and degrade us from what we are doing so we go back to listening to what it says.

The key to all this is to realise, we are not our Ego. Our soul, consciousness, energy body whatever word you would like to call what we are, is not our Ego. We are divine by nature. We are kind, we are loving, as we grow up through external circumstances were are told that we are not divine. We are not special, just one in 7 billion humans. Living out our mundane physical lives. We are told to buy the latest phone, have the fancy car, be wealthy and we will be so happy. This is the biggest lie we have been told our entire lives.

Jim Carrey — ‘I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.’

See this is the power the Ego tries to have over us. ‘We don’t have enough, I need this, it’s this person fault, etc.”. It wants us to try and fill and need that cannot be filled. The key to being happy – comes from not listening to our Ego and living from our heart and out of love.

Well, Dylan, that sounds like a wonderful time. But how the hell do I stop this voice from telling me I am not enough?

The key comes from meditation and coming to the realisation that we are not our Egos. When most people try and meditate, thoughts from the Ego keep popping into their head and they’re like “AH THIS ISN’T WORKING! WHY CAN’T I CLEAR MY MIND?!? See we cannot control our thoughts, you cannot force the Ego to stop doing what it’s doing because the Ego dislikes not having control.

This is how you do it. The Ego is a toddler in your brain. If you try and tell it no guess what? Just like a toddler, it is going to throw a tantrum and try to get your attention. So how do we fix this? Treat your Ego like a toddler and ignore it. Better yet, laugh at it. Recognise whenever you have a thought about the past or future it is simply your Ego. See the Ego doesn’t have any power over our soul in the present moment. This is why in all spiritual practices we are taught to live in the moment.

So when you begin to meditate this is the trick. Sit in a comfortable position, breathe in through your nose and fill your belly with air. As you exhale, release all tensions of the day and watch them be carried away as they leave your body, Focus on your breath. When a thought pops into your mind, this is the Ego trying to control you. So here is a very simple exercise for you to ‘minimize the Ego’. When a thought comes in do not try to control it, simply sit and observe it in a non-judgemental form and let the thought pass. Just keep your focus on your breathing and let anything that pops up go. Tell you Ego, thank you for bringing this to my attention Ego and I will deal with this later. Imagine your mind is a blank computer screen. As your Ego pops up on this screen with a thought, simply say thank you to your Ego and minimize the screen.

It is okay if it pops up a lot, in time as you ignore the toddler – it will quieten down. The trick is patience.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you are able to use these tips to enjoy life a little bit more. I would really appreciate a like and a follow to help me grow this blog. I want to spread love and help give people basic tools and understanding of what is going on around them. It’s like a spirituality 101 guide when you have just begun to awaken like I have.

Have a wonderful day and



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