Love and Compassion

“Everything in life is vibration.” Albert Einstein

In our human existence, we love to place blame on others. We hate being wrong and even when it might be clear to everyone else that we have done the wrong thing and caused a particular issue, we can still be blind sighted to the fact.


So why do some people take responsibility for their actions, are compassionate and tend to do the right thing while others enjoy the exploitation of others and even at the extremes – enjoy the suffering of others. There is a way to graph how a person thinks and feels on a day to day basis and this is related to their vibrationary rate.


Before I left Engineering, we were taught about vibration in structures and figuring out how certain things had to be supported when a vibration (Such as an earthquake) was applied. The most critical thing which I learnt in Engineering was that inanimate objects have a natural frequency. The natural frequency of an object is used in all the calculations. An example of a natural frequency is a wine glass on a table and you tap it with a spoon. It will ring a particular frequency which we can measure.


From this important knowledge, I figured out that if an inanimate object is vibrating, doesn’t that mean the human body is vibrating as well? With this piece of knowledge and realising that our body cannot be vibrating unless it is made out of energy (1st law of thermodynamics – Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed) since our body can’t be vibrating unless something is giving it energy to vibrate.


So I realised that everything from a drinking glass to our bodies are all made up of energy I began to do some more research into sound waves (Vibration). Sound waves which we listen to all the time are music. Music can make us feel every sort of emotion due to the fact that the vibration we are listening to is energy. This energy can change the way we feel. Example: You listen to happy upbeat music – you tend to become happy. Listen to sad music, we cry and feel down.


Our natural frequency which our bodies vibrate at can then be described by emotion. The higher the frequency, the happier we are. A clever doctor who has written multiple books on the subject created a map describing consciousness. This map shows where we are in terms of frequency and our emotional state.

Map of Conscienceness 2

You notice that at the top of the graph is love. This is because Love binds the universe together. This may not be our life view if we are blaming others for all our own problems – because we create our own reality through The Law of Attraction – but those who begin the self-growth journey realize that when we are grateful, feel compassion and love for everyone around us. We enjoy life a lot more. When we give our time purely and freely, we open ourselves up to receive more from the universe. Karma of what we put in we get back out many times more.


The most important thing we can do when we want to go up that graph is to be grateful. When we are grateful and we take responsibility for our actions our natural frequency begins to rise. We might lose certain people who are no longer vibrating at the same level as ourselves, but we gain others who help us grow. Never be afraid to make a choice because of what someone might think. If they truly love you, they will support you no matter what your decision is. And if not, well you don’t want them as your friend or lover.


Never stop striving to go up on that graph. That is the entire point of the human existence. The meaning of life is to learn  and to expand our consciousness. We are so much more than our physical body, we simply have to awaken to the nature of reality. Show love, compassion, give yourself without expecting anything in return and life becomes a whole lot nicer.


Lets help our beautiful planet and the rest of the universe my sending love to all.





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