I recently had the opportunity to rewatch an incredible movie with my partner. That movie is Avatar and no I don’t mean The Last Air bender movie. Avatar both The Last Air bender and The Legend of Korra are my two favourite TV shows of all time and definitely deserve their own blog post due to their themes of overcoming all odds and self-growth. But today I focus on James Cameron’s Avatar.


For those who haven’t seen this incredible movie the plot can be summarized as this: Humanity in the future finds another Earth like planet and begins a mining operation due to the incredibly valuable substance found in the planet Pandora. The planet is also inhabited by natives the Navi. The natives home rests on the biggest source of the substance so the humans want to ‘relocate’ the natives so they can rip apart the planet for the money. They try to do this peacefully by engaging with the natives with humans operating ‘avatars’ which are the Navi’s body but the humans consciousness can be transferred into it.


The movie deals with a lot of powerful themes such as the sacredness of life, the destructive culture of the human race, love and the metaphysical connection between lovers but also animals. The Eywa is what is the Navi’s Mother Earth in our own culture. The consciousness of the planet is described through the scientists of the movie by comparing the electrical ecosystem to the synapses of the human brain.


Avatar is incredibly powerful and moving and makes you really feel for the Navi. You could compare the destruction of Pandora to the deforestation of our planet and the destroyed native cultures around the world which were torn apart by the Western World. Some of these great civilizations who lived in direct contact with Mother Earth are the Aboriginals, The Native Americans, The Africans, Mauri’s  the list goes on. Wherever the West decided they wanted to expand, they found a new piece of land, saw it was already inhabited by natives so they made them an enemy so they were justified in killing them.


We as a society have no respect for our planet which sustains us. We drive cars which pollute the atmosphere when there are plenty of alternatives such as running a diesel car on Used Vegetable Oil as I will be doing when I travel around Australia in 2018. Breeding livestock and then slaughtering them in the most inhumane ways when there are plenty of alternative things to eat then meat.


I don’t personally eat meat by choice but in Avatar, whenever they make a kill – they do it only for food when it is necessary. Make it as painless as possible for the animal and also say thank you to the animal and sort of give them their last rights in a sense. Telling them they will merge with Eywa.


The most powerful concept dealt with in the movie is most certainly Eywa. Eywa is the connectedness in all things which keeps balance of Pandora. This is exactly the same as our own Mother Earth. Concepts of God as a deity which exists in the sky are silly and were an old way of understanding something that was much bigger than ourselves.


God, just like Ewya on Pandora and our own Mother Earth are not singular deities. They are everything that drives the planet. They are in us, our pets to the trees in the Amazon to the sea creatures which exist deep below the surface of the ocean where there is no light.


Everything is connected and everything has a purpose for coming into being. Our Earth is a garden and we need to take care of her as she does for us. Let go of singular entities and embrace that there is oneness in everything. That is when the true beauty of life come in.


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