Karma is a concept new to the Western World and its definition is not easily defined due to the nature of certain beliefs and philosophies. Karma from a basic understanding is the representation of cause and effect in our physical world.

If we do something bad to others, bad things will happen to us. Alternatively, if we do good things to others, we will get even more than we put in due to the loving nature of the universe. If we are to observe our lives, we can see this process of cause and effect happening wherever we go.

Great. Case closed right?

Well, not so much. A lot of people tend to view Karma in terms of past lives. A ‘past life’ is a previous version of ourselves which we lived before this earth. In actuality, when we are much larger than this singular incarnation of ourselves. When we realise this, we can know that our past lives really aren’t in the past. Our ‘past lives’ are actually probable realities which we are resonating with at this time.

A concept in physics which is gaining popularity is that there is an infinite number of parallel universes which can be exactly the same as our own or completely different. A popular TV show Rick and Morty is based on this premise.

The way to look at Karma is not to say – “oh I did this in a past life, therefore this is happening to me” but rather look at ourselves in this moment and figure out the patterns which cause us the issues in our lives. When we can see the patterns of “I’m doing this and this causes this” and we realise this is an undesirable outcome, we can change our patterns.

When we do this, we cause a shift in our reality and our ‘past lives’ , which are really just a different parallel universes happening concurrently with our own, begin to change as well to resonate with the choices you make.

The important step to develop ourselves doesn’t come from finding out our past lives and finding a reason about why things are happening. It comes from analysing ourselves and how we do things to come up with the pattern to fix or cause positive change in our lives. When we do this, we can attract using The Law of Attraction, anything we desire. Don’t blame. Forgive yourself when you realise. No one is perfect and we are in our current physical incarnation to learn certain lessons in life.

We are the creator of our own reality. Anything we do causes a reaction. We know this to be true due to Newton’s Third Law. ‘For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction”. So do a positive thing and you will get a positive thing back. Live a positive life, and you will create happiness.

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