What is God?

I was raised in an Anglican school. I was never forced to go to church as a child but in school we were required to attend chapel services as part of the school curriculum. I started at the school in grade 6 and for a few years, I believed what was being told to me.

Funnily enough, it was in the schools religious education classes when I called bullshit on the lot of it. My main problem with Christianity was the aspect of free will. In the bible it says, God is all knowing and all powerful so according to that – God created all of us and knew exactly the choices we were going to make. That didn’t sound like free will to me.

I went atheist for a while but it didn’t really work out for me as I knew there was something more but I wasn’t happy with Christianity’s view on the situation. This led me to Satanism. Before you go ‘ah he worshiped the devil” blah blah blah chill for a second and don’t believe everything you’re told. Satanism is actually quite civil and teaches you to respect others and not force your views onto others which is more than I can say for some Christians. Satanism put me on the path to spirituality as I could communicate with non physical entities and ask them for things to happen in my life which did.

So where am I currently then and what is the answer to the above question? What is God? Well this is my understanding of God:

God cannot be described as one entity. God is everything, God is in you as God is in a leaf outside. We are all connected together by this universe force which binds the universe and its dimensions together. We all came from the exact same source whether we are from Australia, Africa, The USA or even other planets, God is what binds us all together.

We are not our physical bodies either. Our current physical bodies can be described like the movie Avatar. For those of you who haven’t seen it – Human beings are visiting another planet and they create bodies like the natives who they can transfer their consciousness into.

This is simply what we do when we incarnate on earth. We are in a Matrix of this physical reality. We are all energy beings or spirits who can travel anywhere in the universe at will but we have chosen to inhabit a human body so we can develop our consciousness. We develop our consciousness by experiencing life through emotions. With this greater emotional understanding, we can leave Earth and go into the different realms of the Universe when we are ready.

Sound a bit crazy? I hear you. But we’re not left alone on Earth. We have guides which help us through times in our life. We can talk to these guides very easily especially due to the accessibility of the internet and the 21st Century. Our guides help us along our path and help us to figure out the answers which we need most. An easy way, which I guarantee if you approach with a willing attitude will allow you to receive answers to the questions you currently ponder can be gained by listening to a 30 minute meditation provided below.

What this meditation does is aligns the left and right hemispheres of your brain to allow you to perceive far beyond the 5 physical senses. More than the 5 physical senses? How is that possible?

You do it all the time. Whenever you have a ‘gut’ feeling about something or you just knew something was going to happen – that is an example of using more than your 5 physical senses. We do this all the time because we are simply inhabiting our current human body for an experience.

When you start to realise this, all your worries about the future or past begin to float away. They don’t matter, they are just there to help us learn a lesson. That’s the whole point of this human experience. Life is infinite, we don’t die, we only get released from this physical body to either choose another or move onto another plane of existence.

I thank you for reading and if you have any questions or are having a crisis about your individuality, get in contact with me on my Facebook page linked below and I’d be more than happy to give you a free video call.

Till next time beautiful spirits.


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