Out of Body Experiences

In our current physical world. There are individuals who can leave their physical body and go wherever they like. They can travel to different continents, different planets and most importantly different dimensions.

For a long time, ever since I heard of the idea of Astral Projection. I knew it was something that I had to learn. In my recent awakening,I have begun to realise why we are here on earth and what my purpose is in all of it. I think I need to start at the beginning for such an intense topic so let us begin. For those who are afraid of the concept, that is completely okay. Read this post with a non judgemental awareness and take what you like from it.

In engineering school, we are taught that an object (Such as a wine glass) will have a natural frequency at which it vibrates at when a force (Hitting it with a spoon) is applied to it. This object is always vibrating at this frequency – all that tapping it with a spoon does is amplify the frequency so we can hear it with our human ears.

So if that concept is understood in engineering and is a critical part of understanding structures and preparing them against let’s say earthquakes. Let us apply the same logic to the human body.

The human body vibrates at a rate which corresponds to how we are feeling. When we are happy, our natural frequency or vibration is at a higher frequency than when we are sad or depressed. Music can make us feel a certain way simply due to the fact that we are hearing the emotion which the artist is trying to convey.

The first law of thermodynamics states that “that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system.”

If human beings along with all objects are therefore vibrating – we have to be made up of energy.

This is where the fun begins…since we are made up of energy just like inanimate objects, the universe is just a place with a lot of energy in it. As conscious beings, we can direct this energy to achieve certain outcomes in our lives. For example, we put energy into making sure we get a really good grade by studying a lot. We give energy to others when we love and show compassion.

Since the physical body is simply a vessel for our consciousness, we can actively leave it while in a relaxed and meditative state – when we are ready to. We are divinely guided throughout our many lifetimes, simply learning lessons as we experience the human condition. Some of our consciousnesses evolved from animals on this earth and some of us came from the stars to grow and learn.

Emotion in the human condition is the money of life. When we are happy, joyful and inspired, we have a wonderful life and are grateful for every second of it. Alternatively, when we are depressed, angry or spiteful, we hate our lives and are in “victim mode”. A life choice where nothing is our fault and the whole world is out to get us. I’m sure you know plenty of people like this.

When we begin to want to become happy and ascend the human emotions to become happy with our lives, we begin to see the actually reality of life. The “Matrix” which we are currently experiencing isn’t in actuality everything.

We as a species get so wrapped up in survival, lust and greed that it blinds us from the truth. The truth we knew before we incarnated on this earth and a universal truth that we can learn to remember. We are all divine. We are all god.

We all came from the exact same source. We are all the created and the creator. We create and give life to music, art and begin to give life to machines and artificial intelligence. We were also created by beings whose consciousness is greater than our own.

We can actively communicate with these upper dimensions of existence if we want to. A powerful way to do this is through a process called Hemi-Sync. What Hemi-Sync does is aligns the left (The analytical) and right (Creative/Intuitive) hemispheres of our brain so we can go into an expanded state of awareness to allow you to communicate with your spirit guides. You can call then Angels, helpers whatever – just know they are there to help us as we rediscover who we are in this physical incarnation of ourselves.

I have included a meditation which I strongly encourage you to try and experience it for yourself.

So let go of the duality and the worry about either the past or future. That is your ego. That is the part of you that thinks you are only this one version of yourself. That you are defined by the events in your life. We are divine and we are god. So let go of them and focus on this present moment. Enjoy and be greatful for every experience we have because we chose this lifetime before we came to Earth. Give love and spread peace to everyone even your enemies. Show compassion and in the words of a famous song ‘Everything’s gonna be alright. “


I am just beginning my journey into the astral worlds and it begins tonight as I have just acquired the Gateway Program by The Monroe Institute. The Monroe institute is the creator of Hemi-Sync and I would 110% look to everything they have created and contributed to the modern understanding of out of body experiences. Robert Monroe was an amazing man who helped make it accessible for anyone to learn how to Astral Travel without 10 years of dedicated study. The website is a must visit for anyone wanting to learn more: https://www.monroeinstitute.org/

I will share my experiences over the coming weeks of what I experience with this program and the knowledge and insights I gain.

I thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and would sincerely appreciate a like and share if you enjoyed this information. Please follow my blog for all future updates on my journey.

Till next time


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