How do we help others?


“I’ve spent my whole life fixing the people around me and putting myself last. I’ve finally realized how much that damaged me.”

For most of us,we hate to see others suffer. It is our human condition,to feel love and empathise with others. When we see someone suffering, our instinct is to relieve them of their pain.

We can normally very easily see why they have a particular problem in their life. We all cause every single issue we have ever had in our lives. I know that can be hard to hear, to not be able to blame anyone, but if we want to grow – this is the path.

It is a journey of self acceptance and realising that we are perfect in this moment with all our imperfections. Sometimes however, our ego takes over and we want to force our help onto others. We love the people in our lives so much that we will do anything to relieve their suffering.

This is not our job.

We cannot heal anyone but ourselves. We tend to take on other people’s issues to avoid dealing with our own and this just doesn’t help anyone. It causes us to be way more stressed than we should be and constantly living in a state where other people’s emotions cause you to have a bad day whenever they are having one.

We have to let go and release the chains we have put on ourselves. We all have enough issues as it is to fix within ourselves than to try and fix other people’s as well. It is not an achievable outcome.

The way you help people is by leading by example. By being a shining light in the darkness, you can help bring people along the path by them observing how happy you are.

Just remember, life is simply a game. It is full of challenges we must overcome to make it to the next level. When we treat life like a game,it becomes a lot less serious and we can enjoy it a lot more. Simply enjoy the moment and the experiences it brings. Accept all those who are around you struggling and offer them assistance only if they ask.

By doing this, you are not only helping them but also growing yourself.

Focus on love and happiness and the rest will fall into place.

Till next time


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