Being in Sync with those around us

Is there just sometimes where no one seems to ‘get you’? Everyone is against you and no one wants to listen to or understand your ideas?


There is a scientific explanation behind why this happens and it is related to vibration. Vibration and frequency make up the world. Imagine this: You have 3 glasses each filled up with different amounts of water. When you tap each glass with a spoon, it creates a different sound. This is called the natural frequency of the object.


Every single inanimate object has a natural frequency which describes the rate at which the object is vibrating on a subatomic level.


If a simple glass can have a natural frequency, doesn’t it make sense that human beings also have a natural frequency?


As we know, music can make us feel incredible emotions from complete and utter joy to a depressing sadness. The reason music can make us feel this way is because our thoughts and feelings can all be represented by frequency. Music plays that frequency which is why we feel particular emotions. The emotional map can be seen below and describes everyone who has ever been alive’s natural frequencies.

Map of Conscienceness 2

Each level can be described by frequency, the higher our frequency, the happier we feel while on the other hand we hate our lives the lower our frequency goes. .

Coming back to the human body, we all have a natural frequency in which our energy bodies are operating at. Like in a music piece, when you have a harmony, it sounds beautiful. However, if the tune is not in harmony, the music sounds horrible.


The human body works the same way. If your natural frequency is not in line with someone else’s, you aren’t going to get along with them. It is that simple. When we are in harmony with someone, we like them.


When we are vibrating at the same frequency as someone, we are more than often in love or have a very special and intimate connection.


The thing to realise is, when we are not in sync with someone, it doesn’t mean they are better or worse than us. It simply means we are at a different vibrational level than them. Once we begin to let go of our ego (Our judgements of others and reality) we begin to realise there is so much more.


Simply associate with those who are at the same or higher frequency as yourself. They will bring you up with them. If you want to achieve love and happiness, don’t hang around people who aren’t that. Or guess what? Nothing will change.


Never stop striving to raise your vibration higher and higher because ultimately, that’s what life’s all about.


Till next time



“Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.”

David Hawkins – Author of Power vs Force


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