Love and Our Twin Flame

The greatest emotion we can ever feel is love. This is simply because the universe is made up of love. In terms of vibration, our emotions whether they be anger, guilt, pride, love, etc they all have a corresponding frequency value. This is why music can make us feel these things because it is literally playing us the emotional frequency.

Our thoughts and feelings can all be described in terms of a vibrationary number. We have a scale of how each emotion corresponds to frequency here:

Map of Conscienceness 2

This is what we call the map of consciousness. Each of our thoughts are feelings are on a scale. So i’ll ask you the question: Where do you want to be on the scale?

The more we raise our vibrations by healing ourselves, being kind, not judging others, the more we raise our vibration and bring ourselves closer to the universal source which flows through everything.

I bring it back to love. Love is what runs the universe, it is the love from others that keeps us going through thick and thin but also the love we have for ourselves.

I want to talk about relationships, soul mates and twin flames. When we truly love someone in a emotional and sexual way they can either be our soul mate or our twin flame. A soul mate is someone who your vibration is aligned with for that particular lifetime or part of it. The difference between a soul mate and a twin flame is that a twin flame crosses lifetimes. Your twin flame is the one you love unconditionally no matter what.You are psychically connected to each other;for example you know what the person is thinking before they say it. When you have found the one, you help each other grow.

Just because a person is your twin flame, doesn’t mean you won’t have issues together. A true twin flame helps you grow no matter what.


I want to tell you a story about my twin flame, my amazing partner Rachel. Rachel and I met over 3 years ago when I travelled to the United States on a school trip. We met at a NASA space camp in Huntsville, Alabama and were best friends shortly after. Our “official” relationship started last year and we haven’t looked back. Since that time, I have travelled to the USA to be with her and she has lived with me in Australia for 2 months.

We are divinely connected through all our chakras and although sometimes we come out of vibration with each other, we always find our way back. We read each other’s thoughts and feelings, when one of us is sad, the other one normally feels it in their heart. It is funny because we are opposites in many ways but along the same. Our star signs are Taurus and Libra, Earth and Air yet we are in balance, we are yin yang.

Polar Opposites

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the whole universe. It connects us and helps us to grow as spiritual beings up in vibration. When we love our soul mates, our twin flame or anyone for that matter, we are attracting more love and positivity in our lives.

So don’t take your partner for granted, take the time to really connect and talk about your feelings and emotions because that is where the connection comes from.

Be willing to accept all their flaws and be grateful because they accept yours. We are all perfect beings with all our imperfections and our love for each other is all that matters.

Preach love and kindness to all, practice it daily. Give hugs and send love to your enemies. They are the ones who need it.



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