Are there just things that you really hate? Is there something that riles you up so much you start shouting at whoever says the thing that is wrong?

That my friends,is called a trigger. We all have triggers depending on our backgrounds. How and where we were raised,what we have been exposed to etc. Everyone has at least one trigger. I’ll share with you a story about one of mine. Today I was in the car,driving to an appointment which I was running late for and I get to the place – my gps has taken me the wrong way. I start yelling and screaming, getting frustrated with myself. No one is immune to them, how we respond to our triggers, is what makes us different.

I could have chosen to keep being frustrated with my life, that I was late and focused on how much of a bad job I had done. Or, I could’ve chosen to focus my intentions on forgiveness for making a mistake, calm down and breathe deeply and just come back to the present moment.

I chose the latter and here is why.


“The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being.”

-Teal Swan


I honestly think that quote is very powerful in the sense that, our triggers are just us projecting them onto the world to happen so we can heal the traumas associated with them. We all have childhood traumas, issues that we have with our parents, our siblings, authority, males, females the list is endless.

When we encounter a trigger, the trick is not to give into the temptation to yell and scream. Don’t let your ego control yourself. You are more than your ego. Your ego is the part of yourself that is associated with this physical body. It reminds you about the past and will try and make you worry about the future.

When we find ourselves triggers, here’s what I do and would recommend you give it a try. 

  1. Recognise you have gotten triggered
  2. Take a deep breath in and out
  3. Recognise that in this moment, everything is perfect and the way it should be
  4. Forgive the person or event that has triggered you by recognising it only happened because you projected it onto the world
  5. Forgive yourself for getting triggered by being kind to yourself
  6. Think about the deep underlying issue which caused you to get triggered
  7. Congratulate yourself on healing and growing as a person


When we stop being in a reactive mindset and we take responsibility that we are creating our own lives by the thoughts we have, miracles begin to happen. Miracles of self growth, happiness and abundance all seem to fall into our lives because we take responsibility and want to grow as a person. Recognising we are not perfect and forgiving ourselves for that. We are perfect in this moment and we keep continue on our life journey of growth. Never stop moving forward and always focus on the reason for your dream.


Have an amazing day beautiful spirits.

Thank you for reading and


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