Life and Death

Many people seem to think they are getting judged from a higher power. They must do the ‘right thing’ in fear of what happens to them when they die. I think we in the western world mainly (at least from my perspective) are starting to wake up as the collective consciousness of the earth increases. The notion of a hellish afterlife comes from religions trying to scare you into following them. Some people seem to think well, I only get one chance at life and then I get eternal damnation if I didn’t please ‘god’.

What if you didn’t have that fear? What about if we are just in a never ending cycle on the road to enlightenment? I am talking about reincarnation.

The idea of reincarnation is so powerful simply because it removes the fear of death. Our higher self comes back and we live another life in a different body. The only reason for ‘life’ in our physical bodies is for our souls to learn lessons and to grow in their vibration. When our soul grows in its vibration, we begin experiencing higher planes of existence which the vast majority of people would call insanity.

We begin to perceive different dimensions which entities (angels, demons, spirit guides, etc) exist on. People begin to develop extraordinary abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and being able to leave their physical bodies. Anything that is exists without a physical body is simply on a different frequency plane that our own.

Our overall frequency can be defined by the Power vs Force graph created by Dr David R Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D and is shown below. David Hawkins has written many empowering books about raising your vibration and I would highly give his website a view if you are interested.

Map of Conscienceness 2

In each level, we perceive life differently from those vibrating at a different rate from ourselves. As we raise our vibration by eating healthy, taking responsibility for our actions, loving everyone, stopping judgement etc, we start to experience the universe as what it truly is. Beautiful.

Your reality is made according to how you think. When you think a positive thought and continue being grateful and happy throughout your day, you are inspired and everything just works. Alternatively, if you stub your toe in the morning and you keep thinking shitty thoughts, your day will fall to shit, you’ll be caught in a traffic jam, late for work, fail a project, etc.

All it takes when we start thinking a negative thought is to change how we view the situation. We cannot change our situation, but we can change how we view it. When we chose to act positively, we have made a conscious choice to create the world instead of reacting to whatever is thrown at us. I have written more about consciousness here:

This wheel of reincarnation we are all on message is simple. You don’t have to do anything and you won’t be judged or condemned. When you take this knowledge onboard however, we are stuck repeating the same life circumstances until we learn the lesson which we chose to live or earth to learn.

We all chose our life circumstances and we have designed our lives the way we have chosen. Whether that is good or bad is a manner of your perspective. When you take this knowledge, we can use it to change our lives. Simply put, you keep coming back until we fix our shit.

Why not work on it now?


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