Getting out of your comfort zone

I have had the recent lucky oppourtuniy to do a facebook live for the first time ever.

Wow it was a pretty scary experience being there and trying to act calm and pretend like you know what you’re doing. But alas, if we want to achieve great things in life, it involves change. I am just starting to tap into my potential and finally put myself out there. The big problem most of us face is that we care about other peoples opinions of ourselves.

Why do we give the people who we most of the time don’t even like, the power of what we do?

All this does is stop us from achieving greatness. When we want to achieve great things, it involves us saying no to same old thing. Whether we watch TV all night or go out and party all the time, what is it we actually want to do?

I guarentee those things which you want to do make you feel uncomfortable, or you would’ve done them already 😉

When we delay and procrastinate, we are blocking the Law of Attraction from helping us achieve our goals. I have written a whole post about the Law of Attraction which you can find here:

To put it simply, when we focus our intention of something, whether we percive that as good or bad doesn’t matter. It comes true given enough energy. An awesome example of how I used the Law of Attraction yesterday was like this: My essential oils diffuser had stopped working in the last few days and this made me sad because well, I love aromatherapy. When I was about 40 minutes away from home in the car I started repeating

“My diffuser will work when I get home”

for the next 40 minutes non stop. I visualised it working and what it would smell like. When I got home, I rushed to my diffuser to turn it on and it didn’t. I turned away in shame knowing I had failed. I turned back around and it was working again, I was estatic.

Even something so simple my thoughts were able to rearrange reality to my desires. If this is possible on a small scale, imagine what we can accomplish on a large scale. You can use it to manifest anything in your life, just turn off your music or radio while you drive, ride or walk and afirm your desires. Over and over again and they will come true. Visulaise and say that is has already happened and change your whole reality.

After we get past that point, we get drawn to things we have to do to achieve what we have been thinking about. To me, I want to manifest an extra $1000 every single week. So today and now everyday I will say in the car.

“I am making an extra $1000 dollars per week ontop of my current salary”

Simply do the same and you can have anything you desire, what it involves is taking action and getting out of the patterns you are in.

To quote Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon:

“Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way”

Break the cycle and step into the unknown, we have to do it if we want anything in life.

Namaste my friends.

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