What makes life worth living?

Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? The answer is in the question; To fulfill YOUR purpose in life. We are all beautiful beings of light capable of making the most gorgeous artwork to a best selling movie. Whether your passion is to write or to sing or to dance. All that matters in life is for you to follow the thing that brings you utmost joy in your life.

You’ll know the thing what I’m talking about when it happens, whether you have experienced it and it’s on the backburner for you while you focus on a job which doesn’t make you happy or you are just searching for it. Know that it is there waiting for you to take hold of and run.
Human beings are creators. We not only create our own lives for whatever we want, but through us following our dreams, our passions and our desires. We inspire other people to follow theirs. All it takes is one moment to change everything, to get out of the habit we have found ourselves in for years. Working the same job, doing the same boring activity, going to the same place for a holiday every year and living for the weekend. That isn’t living. That is shit.

We are bombarded by messages to buy the latest smartphone, or this new car will make us the happiest person alive, but it is just shit.

Shit is meaningless, it comes and goes. The real thing you want and have to be hungry for is your passion. When you start putting your time and energy into your passion and you overcome the fear of “What is this person going to think of me?”. Fuck them. The only person’s opinion that matters is your own, people are allowed to have their own opinion of us but does that define who we think we are? NO.

Don’t ever let what someone thinks of you make you feel shit about yourself or stop you from achieving your dreams. If we want success in our lives we need to surround ourselves with people who want us to succeed. Do you think people are your friends if they constantly put you down and get enjoyment out of you being less than them because they are not achieving anything in their lives?

Break the cycle and rip off the bandaid. You can’t change the situation that you are put in but you can change about how you think about your circumstance. By changing your thoughts, this changes your feelings which changes how you act which leads you to positive results. All that you have to do is to change your mindset about how you think about things.

Believe your dreams are possible and work towards them and they will come true. There will be setbacks along the way, but those setbacks help you learn. Don’t ever settle for who you think you are, you are more. You are great and you are divine. You create your own reality by the thoughts that you choose to think about. Change how you think and the rest will follow along.


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