Are you in physical pain? Do you have pains in parts of your body which modern medicine cannot explain? Are you told it is genetics or some rare disease you have never heard of? Our bodies are not just physical, responding to the outside environment. We play the most important part of what our body feels and heals.

On a subatomic level, smaller than the atoms which make up our being, we are all made up of little particles popping in and out of existence. This causes us to vibrate at a certain frequency depending on our emotions. Each of our emotions can be described by frequency. This is why we feel sad, happy or somewhere in between depending on the music we listen to.

In our body, we have energy centres which correspond to different aspects of our being. These energy centres are called chakras. Chakra means Wheel of Life in Sanskrit and is taught and has been apart of Eastern culture for thousands of years.

Chakras are both a fundamental part of Hinduism and Buddhism in enlightening not just the body, but the spirit. Yoga also heals our chakras.

Over time as we grow up, our chakras begin to become blocked by childhood traumas we experience. This then shapes our reality for the rest of our lives because we keep attracting the same situation over and over again via the Law of Attraction (What we think about comes true). When we believe that we were victimised and the world is an evil place – that is exactly the view we will have in the world. We control our own realities. An overview of what each chakra does and where it is can be seen below.


So all our issues such as us feeling unsafe or not being able to voice our opinion can all be related to a particular chakra. When we acknowledge our issue, we can start to resolve it. There are many ways to heal our chakras, yoga as mentioned before is a great one. However, this post is about Reiki so I will explain how it works.

Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. Reiki is a practice which involves laying your hands on yourself or someone else and allowing the energy of the universe to flow through your hands to heal our blocks within our body. All that is needed to use Reiki is an attunement. An attunement received from a Reiki Master allows the recipient to channel Reiki energy to heal themselves and others, all that is required is to lay your hands on a particular part of your body which is sore and breathe deeply.

Reiki has been around for thousands of years and has only recently been re-discovered and is now accessible by Western culture due to the wonders of modern technology.

Having a Reiki healing is the first step to fixing our health issues or simply wanting to learn more about the universe. The healing process brings about beautiful changes in one’s life which can help us experience our highest potential. Whatever that might be. Follow your dreams and take a leap of faith, one conversation is all it takes.


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