The Law of Attraction

We seem to take comfort in the fact that we don’t have any input in the world. We are happy to blame others and not take responsibility for our mistakes. All this does is perpetuate ourselves into feeling shit. It’s time to wake up.

When we apply a force to a glass for example, it will ring at a certain frequency. The human body is no different and we are emitting our own frequency on the world. From our physical bodies to our organs, to the atoms which make up our physical body to the subatomic particles, to our sun and our galaxy. We are all made of the exact same stuff. Energy.

Therefore, we are all made of energy in our own vibrational bodies which affect the world around us. When we have a thought positive or negative, that thought gets sent out into the universe and whatever you are thinking – given enough time and energy – will manifest.

In the law of attraction, like attracts like. When you put out a positive visualisation of what you want to happen and you focus on that – that is what will happen. We don’t have to understand why of how it works – we can simply use it to our advantage. Do most people understand how electricity works? Yet we still use it to cook our food and keep it cool afterwards.

Everyone successful uses this technique to achieve exactly what they desire. All it requires is that you stay positive and you focus on what you want to manifest. There is no limit to what you can want or desire, all it takes is you putting your energy, your thoughts and feelings towards feeling like you already have what you desire – and to keep doing it.

All it takes is for us to acknowledge that something is greater than us and we can work with the positive outlook on life for us to manifest whatever we desire. If you focus on how much you hate your job or how much debt you are in, guess what? That is what you will keep manifesting. If you put your time and effort into thinking and dreaming and working towards your goals – the universe will sort out the rest.

Take the leap of faith and believe it works because it does. If you believe it doesn’t and try it you will manifest exactly what you are thinking.

Live in abundance, joy and spread love to all.

Watch the movie ‘The Secret’ – it is on Netflix and Youtube and can change your life if you want to.

Much love


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