Loss and Grief

There is nothing more painful than having a family member pass away before your eyes. Watching them slowly pass can bring up all sorts of painful memories and experiences that we must learn from. These experiences are common to us all. We live and we die. We do not know when our end date is, the end date for this physical incarnation until we move on to the next and even if we understand the process of the soul and reincarnation, it still hurts when someone we love passes.

Another thing which can sometimes be even more painful than suffering yourself, is watching someone you love to suffer. Seeing the pain in their eyes as they speak and the emotional energy of sorrow and loss is also very difficult to be around, especially when you are very sensitive to other people’s emotions.

I want to share with you my journey into loss and the things I have learnt from it. My grandfather passed away very recently. It was not a sudden death, everyone had time to say goodbye and resolve whatever issues they had with him. I saw him in his last days lying on his death bed ready to pass. The emotion you feel when you see someone who you love lying on their death bed ready to pass is something you will never forget. It can only be felt by being there. The person that was there for your whole life is gone in a flash leaving us behind to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts.

The pain I experienced through my father and his unresolved issues with his father was what caused me the most pain and will not be resolved until the funeral occurs. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but be there for those we love and help them the best ways we can. We help by showing unconditional love to all in this time of mourning.

The universe is full of amazing and wondrous things, death is a natural part of life. In the words of a wise green man;

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.” – Yoda

Although letting go is almost always painful, the chaos of the situation leads to new knowledge and growth. I am so grateful for the lessons I am always learning for that is the point of life. Thank you for reading, Namaste.

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