How do we heal ourselves when the world is falling to pieces around us?

We see fear everywhere. To the latest terrorist attack from extremists to general hate and stereotyping of certain groups. All this does is pit us against each other so we hate and justify our negative actions towards others by blaming them.

The media is promoting fear everywhere to change the mindset of the world. The world as we know it is starting to disappear. Freedom of speech and mainstream media has fallen into disarray. Massive amounts of natural disasters of record magnitude are occurring across the globe. From the multiple hurricanes decimating the United States, record heat waves in the northern hemisphere causing vast amounts of fires and many earthquakes causing tsunamis to occur in the coming days. All these are signals that something big is coming.

What do we do when the physical world and maybe your emotional world, I know mine is, is falling apart?

We face our issues head on and allow ourselves to feel the pain. Instead of drinking or doing various other drugs to suppress our inner most desires we need to rise above the rest. We are not responsible for healing those around us. We have enough burdens to carry with our own issues and carrying other peoples is not something we are designed to do.

Consider the current problem in your life. Sit down and meditate on it. Who do you blame? We attract energy (situations, thoughts, emotions) to our current life by the law of attraction (like attracts like). When we continually hate our enemies, and blame them for our problems we keep ourselves in a viscous cycle of hating and blaming them for our own issues. It is only when we take the time to look deep inside ourselves that we release that we have completely caused our own issues.

The whole purpose of us being here is to learn lessons on our never-ending cycles of reincarnation. We have lived many lives, all teaching us different things so our soul can grow. Death doesn’t end anything for us, our lives are infinite. Just like we are full of infinite potential. We are only limited by our mind and what we think we can accomplish.

Stop blaming others for issues we have caused ourselves. Reclaim your wasted energy and start healing every aspect of your lives. There is so many ways to do this; we can eat healthy, do yoga, meditate to energy healing. Even just talking about our feelings and expressing them is healing.

Forgive those who have wronged you and most of all forgive yourself. Practice self-love every day. Be kind and patient with yourself. I am always open to a conversation for those who want to talk. Namaste

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