Forgiving Those Who Have Wronged Us

All our thoughts and feelings are stored in our auras all in terms of frequency. When we have a thought, that frequency of that thought now exists on a higher plane of existence and given enough time and energy, that thought form will manifest itself onto the physical plane.

This is the key to happiness in our lives. Why do people who are depressed stay depressed unless they are acted upon by an external force? Why do happy people seem to have everything go their way?

The law of attraction holds the answer. Unlike magnetism in physics where opposites attract, in energy and frequency (How we exist) like attracts like. This is very powerful since once we realise and are conscious of our thought forms and what our ego is telling us, we realise that we have created all the negative instances in our lives. From our childhood traumas, we have created a dualistic view of the world in which things that we didn’t receive as a child, perhaps love from a parent, we now view the world as being without love and will continue to view it that way until we resolve the issue by forgiving those whose actions caused the block and by forgiving ourselves.

I will give you an example from my life to put it in perspective, earlier in the year, my apartment (Not particular flashy with holes and stains throughout the carpet, massive cracks and holes in the walls) was offered to be painted by the owner. I jumped at the opportunity and was on good terms with him and let him come into my place when he needed something without the proper notice. He was a relatively nice guy, cheap but for what I was paying I didn’t really care honestly. During the time when the painting started I did not set a time frame of when it would be done by, a guy used to come at 7:00am and paint till 10:00am then leave. After 2 months of this, I was fed up and I basically spiritually threatened the owner with a simple text saying, “Get it done within the week or there will be consequences”, he finished it within 3 days. There were angry texts sent back and forth till I was sick of it and said don’t contact me. Looking back on it now as I am moving out within 2 days, I went outside and apologised to the owner. Even though he did me wrong by abusing the trust and leniency I gave him, I also did wrong with how I handled the situation. That is something I freely admit and it is why I tried to apologise to him not that he would let me.

I have learnt something from that situation as is the point of life. There were so many better ways I could have dealt with that issue but I let it get to the point where I was exploding with rage instead of dealing with my emotions and simply talking to him when it should’ve been done and giving him a time frame to complete the work.

Even though he wants to remain bitter at me, that is his choice and not mine. I have forgiven him for what he did and I have forgiven myself for what I did. We can’t change the opinions of people sometimes, we can just do our best to try and right the situation and move on from it. Even sitting in my apartment now while he is outside, I can feel his anger and hate towards me. So, what do you do in a situation like this?

You send love back and that is all you can do. You wish him the best and you move on from the past. You let go of your hate towards this person and regardless of what they have done, you forgive them and you forgive yourself and move on.

All that holding your anger in does is put you into psychically attacking each other until the block in your aura gets worse and worse and both of your lives tumble into misery due to like attracts like. I’m not saying you should be best friends with your enemy, even if you don’t want to confront them, send them a simple Facebook message saying, “I’m sorry I wronged you and I forgive you for wronging me”. Be sincere and even though it’s hard, when we have the courage to do that, the miraculous will happen.

It’s all about changing the way you view the world and from that we can develop an amazing life.


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