Our Painful Childhood Traumas and How We Move Past Them

We all have something that triggers us. Something buried so deep from a childhood memory that it causes us to lash out at someone when they hit our defensive wall. We all have at least one thing that hurt us so deeply that it has stayed with us over the many decades since it happened. Whenever something brought up this pain, we would blame others and have an emotional reaction where we are basically inconsolable.

Have you ever been in an argument with your significant other or parent where you can’t seem to get through to them? Even when everything you say is completely logical, yet they yell and they scream at you? That my friends, is an emotional reaction.

Whenever this happens whether you notice it happening to yourself or to someone else, the best thing you can do is leave the situation. Come up with a phrase to tell your partner such as “Having an emotional reaction, will talk later”. This stops us from saying hurtful things that we don’t mean to the people that we love. Just simply come back later and discuss it civilly. Notice how much better the conversation will go.

Getting back to childhood trauma whether it be abuse from a parent or simply being told something so hurtful that it caused a split in your childhood consciencess. It caused you to separate your oneness and unity into that of duality and it continues to grow throughout our life. We go into a viscous cycle of “This isn’t fair”, “This always happens” and you justify that the world is like this. You create your whole universe through your thoughts and feelings since they are all just energy. The more and more you repeat this to yourself, the worse it becomes since you are feeding it with energy on higher planes of existence.

Let me explain how this works scientifically, all our thoughts and feelings exist in our aura around our body. These thoughts and feelings manifest on the upper planes of existence first and then trickle down to the physical. How we fix ourselves is by changing our mindset, since that creates everything. Instead of viewing the world as painful and full of suffering, we can view it as happy and full of abundance once we have learned to forgive others and ourselves for the horrible things that have happened. When we allow ourselves to feel our childhood pain, we can learn to accept it for what it is and then begin to heal ourselves.

Love once again is the key to happiness. Not just love for others, but love for ourselves. And that is sometimes the hardest.


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