Frequency and How Music will Change the World

If you have read my blog posts from the beginning in order, you may wonder why the blog isn’t called ‘How to be happy’ or ‘How the world is screwed up’. That is not what this is about. This blog is about so much more than those two things, it is about enlightening humanity.

So, frequency then, how does it tie everything together? I will start from how I started down this path. In my last semester of engineering, we did a subject called Structural Analysis which focused on vibration and understanding civil structures. This happens to be the only subject I ever failed during my time at university but I will go over the basics of vibration as that is the important part.

Every inanimate object has a natural frequency. This is the frequency that the object will vibrate when a force is applied to it. For example, a ruler supported at one end at the end of a desk, when you bend the ruler downwards (Assuming it doesn’t plastically deform) will spring back to its original location and will go past it until it comes back to rest. Assuming no damping is occurring, the ruler will have a natural frequency at which it vibrates.

Out of my engineering career, this is the most important information I gathered. Why is this so significant you ask?

Well, if inanimate objects have a natural frequency, why don’t human beings? Humans are a little more complicated than a ruler though and if you have read my post about The Metaphysical Causes of Disease then you will understand that all humans have an aura and energy centres called chakras which correspond to certain actions and feelings we have. All our thoughts and feelings exist in our aura or we wouldn’t be able to have near death experiences or travel out of our body (The two are the same thing).

These thoughts and feelings exist as certain frequencies in our aura and since we are always experiencing more than one emotion or frequency at a time, our bodies natural frequency is made up of many different frequencies all corresponding to how we are feeling at that time.

Have you ever wondered why music can make you feel a certain way or how someone’s words can hurt you so badly? This is the reason. Music is all just frequency and the frequencies the artist has written are designed to trigger certain emotions since all emotions are just different frequencies. Therefore, music can have such a profound effect on people, since it can trigger resonance with what a person is feeling at that time.

Okay Dylan, if music is so powerful than why isn’t everyone super happy and living in a utopian society full of love?

I refer you to this video, continue reading after you have listened to it and pay attention to how it makes you feel. I have noted the younger you are, the more perceptive you tend to be to the difference.

Did you notice how A tuned at 440Hz made you feel uneasy? A tuned at 432Hz sounded beautiful and natural. You can even see it in terms of the water as A440Hz looks wrong and A432Hz looks beautiful and natural. Most music is tuned at A440Hz. Therefore, it hasn’t changed the world as much as it should.

I invite you to download an app called 432Hz player and compare your favourite songs tuned at 432Hz and then play it through your normal player and see which one you like better.

Humanity is starting to wake up and start seeing that the modern media and our governments are completely against us and do not want us to be intelligent. Start listening to music at this tuned at A432Hz and watch your perceptions of the world change.

Music is the key to everything. It can inspire and it can heal. Spreading love is the only way forward and to raise our collective vibrations up so we can see the injustice and stand together. The change in our society will not come from another war or revolution. This fight against hate will only be won when we put down our weapons and refuse to kill each other for those who control our society.

Turn off your television, get off Facebook, stop listening to the news. All it is spreading is lies and hate towards our fellow human beings. We all come from the exact same place, our souls are all the same. Our only difference is we are at different stages along our progression through life.

All life is about is learning lessons of how to love each other and how to love ourselves. We can create a perfect world without the injustice. It doesn’t involve killing those who oppose us, it comes from enlightening them through music and education.

Communicate these ideas, no matter who puts you down because a better future without oppression and freedom is a society I want to live in. I believe in every one of you and I love you with all my heart. Whatever your passion in life, share it to all and be happy.


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