Happiness and The Blocks We Cause Ourselves

Why do we live? Why do we spend our whole lives collecting material goods when it doesn’t make us happy?

In the last week, I made the massive decision to move from Tasmania back to Brisbane where I grew up. For those who haven’t read my about page and are new to this blog, I was studying Marine Engineering in my 3rd year down in Launceston. I quit because it was making me miserable and I was using drugs to cope with a situation I had put myself in.

Why you may ask did I put myself in the situation in the first place? Well the root of all evil of course money. Originally back in school, I drew advanced aircraft and space craft. I have always had a passion for space. To get spacecraft into orbit takes an amazing amount of mathematics and precise calculations because if you get it wrong…Boom. Your multimillion dollar spacecraft is gone. And people have done it. Humanity managed to get men moon in the late 60s and haven’t been back since. What an amazing achievement yet almost 50 years later we haven’t returned. Imagine what humanity could do if it returned with another mission! We can colonise Mars even Jupiter’s moons have possibility of atmosphere!

Yet we don’t do this. We are too worried about losing the ones we love and losing our possessions to follow our dreams.

I relate this back to my previous blog post about metaphysical causes of disease. All our emotions are stored in our aura surrounding our body. For us to survive, we need energy from the universe which flows through our chakras. When we deny a crucial part of our existence, what will make us happy, we block a chakra associated with that part of the body. For example, the throat chakra deals with expression. If we do not express our opinions and feelings, we block our throat chakra and possibly other chakras as well depending on the situation. This block may start off as a sore throat but then begins to manifest into worse and worse illnesses until we do something about it. The thing about pain is, it is your body telling you that something is wrong.

When we get a cut and we are bleeding, do we let it keep bleeding or do we bandage it up so we can start healing ourselves?

Our emotions and our chakras are no different. When you receive a bit of pain in a part of your body, pay attention to it. The area in which you are feeling pain will be associated with a chakra which is being blocked. When we start to pay attention to ourselves and notice the little bits of pain occurring, we can stop illness from forming because all illness is, is the body reacting to something that you did which isn’t aligned with your highest good.

I will give you an example of something which happened yesterday for me. My landlord and real estate agency have treated me not particularly great since I have been living here. The real estate agency has entered my property twice without giving me any notice while I wasn’t home – this is illegal. My owner of the apartment I am living in took 2 months to paint a 1 bedroom apartment. I would let him come in whenever he pleased if he needed to do maintenance on something, I always paid my rent and I kept the place clean. At the end of those 2 months when I hadn’t said a word about asking when it would be done – the painter would come in at 7:30 in the morning and talk very loudly and play music yet I didn’t say a word. Eventually I lost it and sent a particularly angry message to sort his shit out and get it done. To say the least I wasn’t impressed with him so I revoked all his rights to message me and if he needed to enter the property, he had to give appropriate notice to the real-estate agency. He also broke that again. So I have broken my lease, given my 2 weeks notice to leave and I wasn’t going to pay him when I left. I was simply going to cancel my bank account. However, after a conversation with my life coach which I am starting soon, I figured out that I was just stooping to his level and it would cause me nothing but pain. So I said to myself I was going to do it because it was the right thing to do. Basically 2 hours later, I found someone to rent the place and who I could give all my furniture to for free since she needed it more than me.

Sometimes we just need to be the better person. We need to forgive and do the right thing not for the other person simply because if we do not, we cause blocks within our chakras and that causes illness.

What you put out into the universe comes back to you, so put out good people. Be better than your enemy, shake their hand and move on with your life. You don’t have to be friends with them, be honest, truthful, do the right thing and everything else will fall into place.



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