1984 and The Lessons It Teaches us About Our Society Today

For those who haven’t read the book 1984 by George Orwell and are trying to figure out why the world is the way it is with the brink of nuclear war on the horizon, go read it now. It offers valuable insight. Come back and read this post after you have finished the book, it is a really good read. For those who have read or it or simply don’t care I will outline the story quickly so we are all on the same page.
1984 by George Orwell is written was published in the early 1950’s which is no surprise in the book where everything starts to go downhill. After the climax of world war 2 and the nuclear bombs being dropped on Hiroshima, World War 3 breaks out and numerous nuclear bombs are used on cities all around the world. After this event, the world forms into 3 super powers. Oceania which is composed of The Americas, England and Australia. Eurasia was made up of Russia and all of Europe and Eastasia was made up of China, Japan and a few other eastern countries. Each of these basically has the same form of government of totalitarianism. Totalitarianism for those that don’t know is a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
In 1984, this is taken to the extremes where even a thought against the government is called a thought crime and is punishable by death or worse re-education (Where you are tortured and broken until you actually believe what they are telling you). The three super powers are constantly in a state of war with each other of what is called the Equatorial Front. Even though these three super powers have more than enough resources for themselves and have the nuclear capabilities to wipe each other out. They do not. They fight over a region which has no real value to them and is to basically use resources so their populations stay in poverty.
‘The Book’ inside 1984 basically describes why this is and it has many parallels to our world which I will compare now. Throughout human civilisation, there has typically been a 3-class system. The high class rules overall and controls all the wealth. The middle class are the doctors, teachers, the working class. The lower class are the ones living in poverty, they are the uneducated.


During the industrial revolution, there became to be an overabundance of goods in our economy. When this happens, the lower class begins to become educated and begins questioning those at the top. To stop this from happening, there needed to be a way to not only use the economic resources, but to give a reason on why the poor masses did not have even the simplest of necessities such as food or water.
Their answer was war.
War incites hate towards our other human beings where the 99.99% of us do not want to harm anyone else. For example, if we could choose where our taxes went – and I completely disagree with the concept of tax but that is for another blog post – how many people do you think would put their money into the war fund.
War is simply a tool used by the high, the ruling class of our society to control the masses and give not only an excuse to where all the money has gone, but to incite hate and to view our government as the protectors against outside invaders when, these ‘outside invaders’ are literally the same as us. We are all human beings living on our little rock in the stars. The petty arguments of which religion is better or a dictatorship that must be destroyed, are all detrimental to humanity.
We have the technology to have a completely utopian society where everyone lives in abundance and happiness but this would require the rich to give up their power that they so strongly cling to. The modern media no longer represents the main population but spreads lies and creates fear when it doesn’t agree with the governmental view.
We wonder why there are so many refugees coming to our western countries. Well maybe if we stopped blowing theirs to bits they would live there. All our lives we are told lies by the television, even by social media and are under constant surveillance by our governments yet no one seems to care. We think it is a necessary evil to stop the ‘bad people’ or terrorists as our western media so fondly calls them. We are all too distracted by our smartphones and social media to look at the big picture.
We are largest percentage of the population. We do not want war. We do not want hate. We all just want to be happy.
We need to wake up and stand up to our ruling class. They do not want us to become educated. Preach love not hate. There is no separation as human beings, we are all one.

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