Wake Up, Stand Up

The concepts of understanding how things work and why they do is what drove me to begin my engineering career in understanding Naval Architecture. Up until recently, I was driven by money and thinking that it would bring me happiness as so many people in our world do.  I have now left university to pursue my passions and to share them with the world. We are bombarded by images on television and social media about how our lives aren’t good enough and look at the celebrities living in their mansions, they must be so happy.

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

― Jim Carrey

The biggest lie we are constantly told on a day to day basis is that if we have just that little bit more money, we will be satisfied. I’m not saying we should be living in poverty, but look at the places that are the happiest in the world. Walk through an African village or visit an island in the Pacific Ocean and just observe how the people with the least seem to be the happiest. The Aboriginals, the indigenous population of Australia, had a civilisation of 40,000 years and the British massacred them for their land. The Roman Empire, one of the ‘greatest’ civilizations in the western world at the time lasted 507 years. Maybe we’re doing something wrong.

Modern medicine has seen to destroy the unity of mind, body and soul. We go to the doctors to treat our illness, but do we ever question why did we get this illness? We are given a pill and sent on our merry way thinking everything will be okay – while the cause of our illness gets worse and worse because we keep ignoring it.

In my next blog post I will dive into the Metaphysical causes of disease but this isn’t the reason for this post.

Humanity is destroying the planet by our materialistic nature as consumerism makes the whole world go around. This isn’t sustainable. People in the Western World getting new smartphones down from every two years now to every year, where is all the waste going? We keep cutting down forests to make more things we don’t need and use cars running on oil from out of the ground where we can run diesel cars of waste vegetable oil straight out of a deep fryer, not to mention the rapid development of electric cars.

It’s all to do with money, the corruption of our politicians being paid by big corporate conglomerates who own all the media. We bomb and destroy other countries to create war and then we wonder why they want to fight back. If you were in their shoes, and Uncle Sam was blowing up your hospitals and blaming it on ‘terrorists’ what would you do?

The purpose of this blog is to make you think, you don’t have to agree with everything I say but I urge you to question everything. Stand up for what is right and together we can save our planet.

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