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My name is Dylan Frederiks and I help people to raise their vibrational level. Our bodies on a subatomic level are popping in and out of existence and everything and everyone are vibrating at their own natural frequency.

A natural frequency is defined in Engineering which I studied as the objects frequency at which it vibrates when a force is applied and removed. Think about a force as a situation we have in our lives. Eg. Someone abuses us at work, our natural frequency can be changed so we handle the situation differently.

Our lives are a reflection of our emotional state at the current time. If you are happy, good things tend to happen. If you are unhappy, things tend to get worse and worse. Here is Abraham Hicks The Emotional Guidance Scale. the emotional guidance scale

I talk about this information here:

The Emotional Guidance Scale

By healing our issues by becoming aware of them we can expand our consciousness to experience the joy life has to offer. All of our issues are caused by blocks in our energy body. These blocks can be from our childhood traumas from our past lives. You can learn more about the metaphysical causes of disease here:

The Metaphysical Causes of Disease


This involves getting out of our comfort zones and striving to be the best person we can possibly be. We can do this by following our passions and sharing them with others. When you are inspired, you enjoy what you do and what to share it with the world.

When we start taking responsibility for our lives we begin to see that we create every single problem that happens. When we take see ourselves doing this, it becomes a powerful tool which you become grateful for. Your ego, the part of ourselves which worries about the past or future unravels itself by following a simple technique.

Whenever we get upset or triggered. Simply recognise this and say to our ego “Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention ego, and then visualise yourself minimizing it like a window on your computer screen.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful secret on the planet. It can be summarised as this, whatever you think about (Given enough time and repeated thoughts) will come true. Whatever your hopes and dreams – repeat them over and over again for hours while you are driving and they will come true. Read more about the law of attraction here:

The Law of Attraction

I have my own healing centre using Reiki in Brisbane, Australia. You can learn more about Reiki here:


You can book a healing appointment with me by clicking here:
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I am a transnational life coach specializing in spiritual awakening. If you feel lost in this world with no one understanding you, get in contact. People in the group are going through the same process as you and we all help each other. If you would like to be part of my exciting Beta program The Awakening Method, please send a message so I can arrange a video call to give you a mini coaching session for free!

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